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African American Music

Subjects : performing-arts, music
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1. Ballroom that both whites

2. Black dance; once America's national dance

3. Big Band-first inter-racial music group

4. 'King of Swing'

5. Rebirth of African-American culture

6. A musical figure repeated at the same pitch throughout the composition

7. A steady - recurring pulse

8. The art of planning dance

9. One of the most famous female blues singers; first black woman to work with a white orchestra

10. If dancer messes up - then the drums stop

11. A type of spontaneous musical invention

12. An istrument that derives its sound by being shaken or struck.

13. Juxtaposing two or more different rhythms

14. First recorded anti-racial song; recorded by Billie Holliday

15. A spirit dancer

16. One of the most famous male blues singers who helped R & B develop

17. A larger jazz band characterized by ensemble and solo improvisation

18. 'Father of the Blues'

19. Developed ragtime music

20. Space - time - and force

21. A measure or two where nobody plays except for the soloist.

22. Brightly colored woven fabric originally worn by Ashante kings

23. Most prolific American composer (Big Band)

24. And easy-listening type of jazz

25. One of America's most famous jazz musicians

26. Jazz played by small band and characterized by ensemble and solo improvisation

27. Rhythm characterized by syncopation in the melody and regularly accented accompaniment.

28. Deliberate shifts of accent so that it conflicts with a steady beat

29. Structure and design of a musical composition incorporating unity - variety - content - and repitition.

30. Combination of jazz and rock

31. An African American music that often expresses sadness - longing - or frustration

32. Form of vocal improvisation on nonsense syllables

33. A musical form distinguished by its reliance on improvisation and its rhythmic urgency; America's gift to the world

34. A complex and sophisticated type of improvisation jazz

35. Basic rhytmic pattern that forms the foundation for complex rhythms played by multiple drums.