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Amplifier And Oscillators

Subject : engineering
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1. A device that provides gain without much change in the original wavelength.

2. Class of amplifiers where 100% of the input signal is used. And it changes the phase of the signal but not the shape.

3. Class of amplifiers where only 50% of the input signal is used and amplifies only half of the signal. The output signal is distorted.

4. Class of amplifiers where less than 50% of the input signal is used. Efficiency is high - but so is the distortion.

5. Class of amplifiers where it operates during 51% to 99% of the input signal. Better power efficiency than class A and less distortion than class B.

6. It is the ratio of the output signal to input signal of an active component.

7. It is used as a measurement of audio signals strength and gain.

8. It is an amplifier circuit that uses positive feedback to provide output waveforms without an input signal. Converts DC signal to an AC output signal.

9. It is designed to amplify either voltages or power.