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Basic Cooking Terms

Subject : cooking
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1. To sprinkle or coat with a powdered a powdered substance - usually with crumbs or seasonings.

2. To even off dry ingredients using a flat spatula

3. To beat rapidly to introduce air bubbles into food. Applied to cream - eggs - and gelatin.

4. To bring a heating unit - like an oven - to a certain temperature

5. To rub or spray fat on the surface of a cooking utensil or on the food itself

6. To cook by dry heat usually in an oven

7. To beat sugar and fat together until fluffy

8. To refrigerate a food until it is completely cold

9. To work dough with the 'heel' of the hands - using a pressing motion - accompanied by folding and stretching until smooth and elastic.

10. To coat food with butter - margarine - or egg - using a small brush.

11. To cook below the boiling point - bubbles form slowly and break on the surface.

12. To cook meat - poultry - or vegetables in the oven with dry heat

13. To cut food into pieces about 1/2' square on all sides (There is small 1/4' - medium 1/2' - and large 3/4' cube)

14. To mix ingredients by gently turning one part over another with a spatula

15. To remove or strip off the skin or rind of some fruits and vegetables.

16. To heat a solid food - such as butter - until it becomes a liquid

17. To place a coating over a food - such as bread crumbs or cracker crumbs

18. To flatten to a desired thickness by using a rolling pin.

19. To prepare food by applying heat in any form.

20. To cut into small pieces.

21. To roast meat slowly on a spit rack or rack over heat - basting frequently with a seasoned sauce.

22. To put dry ingredients through a strainer / sifter to break up lumps and mix thoroughly

23. To cook over - under - or in front of hot coals or a gas or electric burner - or other form of direct heat.

24. To cook food in a large amount of fat

25. To cook in the steam generated by boiling water.

26. To brush or pour liquid over food as it cooks to keep it moist

27. To ornament food - usually with another colorful food - before serving to add eye appeal.

28. To make mixture smooth by lifting it over and over quickly with a big beating stroke or to incorporate air through the mixture.

29. To cut into very small cubes.

30. To soak a food in a sauce before cooking to make it more tender or flavorful

31. To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing it on a grater with sharp projections.

32. To cut fat into flour with two knives or pastry blender until it is distributed in small particles throughout the mixture.

33. To cut or chop food as finely as possible.

34. To cook in a small amount of fat - like mushrooms or onion

35. To cut food into long - thin - match-like strips

36. To cook in water or liquid in Which bubbles rise continually and break on surface

37. To mix by using circular motion - going around and around until blended

38. To combine 2 or more ingredients by beating or stirring into one mass

39. To add salt - pepper - or other substances to food to enhance flavor.

40. To lower the temperature of a food - usually to room temperature

41. To bake - dry - or toast a food until the surface is brown.

42. To mix two or more ingredients together until well combined.

43. To mix ingredients lightly without mashing or crushing them.