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Becoming A Caregiver

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Client has the right to voice ____________ regarding services or any other issue without discrimination or reprisal for exercising such rights

2. Broad term used to describe anyone who provides care to another person.

3. Specially trained to help individuals meet unique nutritional needs. A dietitian may be used to help plan meals for a person who is diabetic or who has other special dietary needs; typically work closely with caregivers - physicians - and nurses

4. 1. Taking direction 2. Responsibility 3. Member of the Caregiving Team 4. Bonding with Clients 5. Making a difference

5. Client has the right to have access to his or her __________

6. Client has the right to be treated with ___________

7. People who provide care to individuals in homes or other settings

8. Client has the right to be given the __________ choice and opportunity to select or refuse service and to accept responsibility for the consequences

9. Client has the right to have client information and records _____________

10. Direct Care Worker - Resident Care Aide - Attendant - Caregiver

11. Client hasClient has the right to participate in ____________ of the services and care to be furnished - any changes in the services and care - the frequency of visits - and cessation of services

12. Estimated ratio in 25 years of American over the of 65 to every Americans

13. Exciting ways you can personally change the lives of real people

14. People working as caregivers in assisted living or residential care communities

15. Client has the right to be free from __________ in regard to race - color - national origin - gender - sexual orientation - or religion

16. Acquiring or using a client's money deceitfully; a form of abuse that is specifically prohibited by law

17. Caregiver does the task of ________ with families - health care providers - and supervisors

18. Client has the right to be free from physical or chemical ________

19. Client has the right to be given a ___________ of his or her rights as specified by law - before service begins. Your organization should maintain evidence that each client has received this notice

20. An individual certified by a licensed school - a governmental agency or another recognized entity as having met the training standards preparing him or her to become a caregiver. May work in private individual's homes - in assisted living or resident

21. Client's rights protected by law; may vary from state to state and between service locations

22. Caregiver does the task of ________ bed linens

23. The entire team of individuals involved in providing care to a client. This team may extend beyond the typical members of the health care team (doctors - nurses - social workers - therapists - and other medical professionals) and include neighbors -

24. The term used to describe a person's ability to move around

25. Helps people with their emotional and family needs. they also assist individuals and their families with future care needs with a focus on returning home or to a lesser care setting during hospitalizations or nursing home stays

26. A term that describes tasks that the PCA can perform by law because he or she has been taught how to do them by a nurse. Each state has different definitions of what tasks may be taught by a nurse and then legally performed by a caregiver

27. Caregiver does the task of Providing tx or procedures as instructed under ________

28. Client has the right to be advised in writing - before care is initiated - of the ________ for the services to be furnished - and the amount of repayment that will be required from the client

29. A nurse who has competed 2-4 year nursing program and has passed the national licensing exam. They plan and evaluate care for clients and supervise LPN's and CNAs - as well as work in many nurse education roles

30. Caregiver does the task of _______ clothes - bedding - and linens

31. Caregiver does the task of Providing light ___________ and assistance in keeping the client's environment clean - tidy - and safe

32. Caregiver does the task of Making and receiving ___________

33. Client has the right to a written notice of ___________ that specifies the reason(s) for the termination

34. Caregiver does the task of Providing or arranging for ___________ for clients

35. Caregiver does the task of Sometimes asked to help care for a ________

36. Any medication that is used to control or subdue a client

37. Assists individuals with their spiritual needs; can be valuable friends to people who are dying or who need spiritual comfort - often available through a home health or in-home care agency

38. Someone who has successfully competed an approved certification training program including a written and/or manual skills test - and who has received a certificate by the state - defined by law as people who assists licensed nursing personnel in the

39. The team who provides health care and emotional care services for a client - including chaplain - Certified Nursing Assistant - Dietitian - Occupational Therapist - Physical Therapist - Registered Nurse - Social Worker - Speech Therapist and other he

40. The ability to come up with a solution to a problem or situation that is unique or unusual - but that gets the job done. Caregivers often have to be creative when they are helping other people with personal care tasks. Learning to be creative - while

41. Ending care services to a client for any reason

42. Any activity related to the body's elimination of waste. Toileting assistance may include helping a client to the bathroom - helping a client with briefs - or with using a bedpan - urinal - or other device.

43. Helps individuals who have had a stroke regain their speaking abilities. They may also evaluate a person's ability to swallow. They work with the physician to determine the proper consistency of food for the person. Speech therapists know a lot about

44. Fastest growing group out of this population

45. Caregiver does the task of Keeping track of client's _____ for prescription refills - clothing - and personal items

46. Caregiver assists clients in activities of....

47. Client has the right to be free from ____ of care - verbal - mental - emotional - and sexual abuse

48. Often used interchangeably with the terms 'doctor' or 'physician.' today - many receive their primary care by someone other than a licensed doctor (a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - for example). Anyone with the legal authority to prescri

49. Client has the right to be free from ___________ of personal property

50. A client's home - a small care home or a larger care community