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Behavioral Science

Subject : health-sciences
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1. Type I vs Type II error (including how you decrease the probability of getting them)

2. Where does most abnl actions in sleep occur?

3. 3 yr milestones

4. Case-control vs cohort study

5. For the 2x2 - always put ? on top

6. NTs in REM sleep

7. Number needed to treat equation

8. 1st vs 2nd tests in determining a patient having dz

9. Matching

10. P value vs power (1-beta) determine them - Power

11. Confidence interval equation (95%)

12. Latent period bias

13. Attributable risk equation

14. Waves of sleep

15. Pygmalian vs Hawthorne effect

16. Grief sx - timeline

17. Number needed to harm equation

18. Relative risk equation

19. Absolute risk reduction equation

20. Depression sleep patterns

21. Confidence interval confirms H0

22. 12 month milestones

23. Phases of clinical trials

24. Null vs alternative hypothesis

25. Reliability=

26. Surrogate hierarchy

27. Procedure bias

28. Positive vs negative skew

29. Selection vs sampling bias

30. Emancipation of a minor

31. Effect modification

32. t-test vs ANOVA vs chi

33. BMI equation - levels

34. Capitation

35. MedicarE vs medicaid

36. SEM=

37. Random vs systematic error

38. Odds ratio equation

39. Cross-sectional study

40. Late-look bias