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Biomedical Engineering Anatomy Vocab

Subject : engineering
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1. Towards the back of the body

2. The clavicle and scapula

3. Towards the front of the body

4. Farther from the trunk

5. Rectus Femoris origin

6. The main portion of a bone

7. Tensor Fasciae Latae origin

8. The upper - lateral edge of the Ilium

9. Smaller pubic arch

10. MCL

11. The ribs and sternum

12. Lighter pelvis

13. Larger pubic arch

14. Arm- like branch off the body of a bone

15. Gluteus Maximus insertion

16. Larger pelvic inlet

17. Adductor - Adductor Magnus Gracilis origin

18. The top edge of the Ilium

19. Tendon above the patella

20. Tendon below the patella

21. Smooth - rounded - arched surface

22. Biceps Femoris origin

23. Roughly 90

24. Enlargement near or above a condyle

25. Knob or enlargement

26. Above/on top

27. Notch for the sciatic nerves on the inside of the pelvis

28. Gluteus Maximus origin

29. Broad - shallow - depressed area

30. Cartilaginous joint between the the two coxae of the pelvis; allows some expansion of the pelvis during childbirth

31. Bones smaller in one direction than in the others (eg. sternum)

32. Prominent ridge

33. The fan - like upper part of the pelvis

34. PCL

35. Plane cutting the body horizontally - into upper and lower body

36. Bones embedded in tendons (eg. patella)

37. The coxae

38. The hole in the lower pelvis

39. Away from midline

40. ACL

41. Bones irregular in shape (eg. vertebrae)

42. Semtendinosus origin

43. Vastus Lateralis origin

44. Below/underneath

45. A relatively long - thin projection or bump

46. The lower back of the pelvis

47. Sartorius origin

48. Tensor Fasciae Latae insertion

49. The lower front of the pelvis

50. Iliopsoas origin