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Biomedical Engineering Heart

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1. Irregular heartbeats

2. Each normal heartbeat is initiated by this

3. Changes in blood pressure are detected by

4. Veins that return blood to the right atrium

5. Amount of blood pumped by a ventricle per beat

6. Very rapid and uncoordinated ventricular beat

7. Prevents backflow of blood from teh right ventricle to the right atrium

8. Part of the myocardium is deprived of its blood supply and becomes ______

9. Funciton of the serous fluid of teh pericardial membranes

10. Contraction

11. Relaxation of chambers of the heart

12. First part of the cardia conduction pathway in teh ventircles

13. Narrowing of a valve

14. Heart is located here

15. Vessel into which the left ventricle pumps blood

16. Contraction of chambers of the heart

17. Normal range of heart rate for a healthy adult is _____ bpm

18. Relaxation

19. The amount of blood that returns to teh heart

20. Nerves that transmit impulses to decrease the heart rate are the ____

21. Area in the thoracic cavity between the lungs

22. Heart chambers are lined with this

23. The chambers of teh heart that receive blood from the veins

24. 1st branches of teh ascending aorta

25. Cardiac muscle tissue

26. Sequence of events in one heartbeat

27. The centers that regulate heart rate located in the___

28. Amount of blood pumped by a ventricle in 1 minute

29. Electical activity of the heart may be depicted in an

30. Upper chamber of the heart

31. Coronary sinus receives blood directly from this

32. Outermost of the pericardial membranes

33. Purpose of teh coronary vessels

34. Natural pacemaker of the heart

35. Hormone ANP increases loss of ____in urine to decrease blood volume and blood pressure

36. Normal heart sounds are caused by

37. Heart rate below 60 bpm

38. Backflow o fblood from the arteries to the ventricles is prevented by these

39. Endocardium lines the chambers of the heart

40. Visceral pericardium

41. Largest artery of the body

42. Prevents backflow of blood from the left ventricle to the left atrium

43. Difference between resting cardiac output adn maximum exercise cardiac output