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Black Belt Six Sigma

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1. Exponentially weighted moving average

2. Upper control limit

3. They are not fractional factorial and they are main effects only

4. Scale that uses numbers (5 strongly agree - 4 agree...) - focuses on measuring the direction of an attitude

5. A specific repeated-measures design with built-in counterbalancing - cannot be used when estimations of interactions are desired

6. Evolutionary Operations

7. Confused experiment or confounded

8. A square matrix of n rows and columns - a technique to control for order effects without having all possible orders; a limited set of orders constructed to ensure that each condition appears at each ordinal position and each condition precedes and fo

9. Determines how much area under a distribution is in the critical region - type 1 risk

10. System(concept) design - then parameter design - then tolerance design

11. Degrees of freedom

12. The risk of accepting the null hypothesis when - in fact - the alternate hypothesis is true. In other words - stating no difference exists when there is an actual difference. A statistical test should be capable of detecting differences that are impo

13. The probability that a single unit can pass through a series of process steps free of defects.

14. A quality improvement tool. Understand effects of process on output.

15. Cumulative Sum