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1. What is the most common cause of sudden cardiac death? What are less common causes of sudden cardiac death?

2. When is an MI pt at greatest risk for cardiogenic shock?

3. What increases the volume of mitral regurg murmur?

4. What causes the dependent pitting edema in RHF?

5. How long after pharyngitis does acute rheumatic fever occur?

6. Are most congenital heart defects spontaneous or inherited?

7. What are the sx/complications of myocarditis?

8. What is cardiogenic shock?

9. What causes angina and syncope in aortic stenosis?

10. How does fibrinolysis/angioplasty tx MI?

11. What causes unstable angina?

12. How do you prevent S viridans endocarditis?

13. What are the sx of aortic regurg?

14. What is a Quincke pulse?

15. What is the most common primary cardiac tumor in adults? Is it malignant or benign?

16. What is the cause of the red border around granulation tissue?

17. What type of ASD is associated w/Down syndrome?

18. What heart sound manifest with an ASD?

19. What is the basic principle of CHF?

20. At What age does wear and tear aortic stenosis present? What congenital disease hastens the onset?

21. How does MI cause LHF?

22. What is the most common form of cardiomyopathy?

23. What causes the split S2 in ASD?

24. Endomyocardial fibrosis w/eosinophilic infiltrate and eosinophilia.

25. What causes prinzmetal angina?

26. Fever - murmur - Janeway lesions - Osler nodes - splinter hemorrhages - anemia of chronic disease?

27. How do nitrates tx MI?

28. What are Osler nodes?

29. What type of shunt dose PDA cause?

30. What is the effect of mitral regurg on the heart?

31. What are the sx of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

32. With what endocarditis is S epidermidis associated?

33. What congenital heart defect is associated with fetal alcohol syndrome?

34. What is typically the mechanims of sudden cardiac death?

35. What causes wear and tear aortic stenosis?

36. What bug causes acute rheumatic fever?

37. What is the most common primary cardiac tumor in children? Is it malignant or benign?

38. Erythematous nontender lesions on palms and soles.

39. What imaging test is useful for detecting lesions on valves?

40. What effect does aortic regurg have on the pulse pressure? Why?

41. Turner syndrome is associated with which congenital heart defect?

42. How do beta blockers tx MI?

43. What type of endocarditis is associated with SLE?

44. How do you tx prinzmetal angina?

45. What is an Anitschow cell?

46. What tests show prior group A beta - hemolytic strep infection?

47. What vavular defect results from acute rheumatic fever?

48. Is injury due angina reversible or irreversible?

49. When does the heart have a yellow pallor post MI?

50. What causes the nutmeg color in nutmeg liver?