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1. What is the effect of mitral regurg on the heart?

2. What iis the tx for aortic regurg?

3. What type of endocarditis is associated w/metastatic cancer and wasting conditions?

4. What type of ASD is associated w/Down syndrome?

5. What effect does squatting have on the murmur of mitral valve prolapse? Why?

6. With what disease is transposition of the great vessels associated?

7. What causes angina and syncope in aortic stenosis?

8. Are most congenital heart defects spontaneous or inherited?

9. How does dilated cardiomyopathy cause LHF?

10. Episodic chest pain unrelated to exertion due to coronary vasospasm. ST- segment elevation. Relieved by NG or Ca channel blockers.

11. What causes prinzmetal angina?

12. What areas of the heart does the RCA supply?

13. What is the most common cause of mitral stenosis?

14. What increases the volume of mitral regurg murmur?

15. How does O2 tx MI?

16. What heart sound manifest with an ASD?

17. What are the causes of restrictive cardiomyopathy in adults?

18. What does Libman - Sacks endocarditis cause?

19. What is an important complication of ASD?

20. What are the sx of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

21. What is molecular mimicry?

22. What are the clinical features of RHF?

23. What is the JOneS mneumonic?

24. What causes the split S2 in ASD?

25. What are the tx for MI?

26. How does adult coarctation of the aorta present?

27. What does rupture of the LV free wall cause?

28. What are the HACEK organisms? With what condition are they associated?

29. Fever - murmur - Janeway lesions - Osler nodes - splinter hemorrhages - anemia of chronic disease?

30. Is scar tissue or myocardium stronger?

31. What is the gold standard blood marker for MI?

32. What type of collagen is involved in fibrosis?

33. What causes heart failure cells?

34. Dense layer of elastic and fibrotic tissue in the endocardium.

35. What causes the dependent pitting edema in RHF?

36. How does MI cause LHF?

37. When would arrhythmia occur after MI?

38. What gross and microscopic changes occur 1-3 days after an MI?

39. What is a complication of chronic rheumatic heart disease?

40. What is chronic rheumatic heart disease?

41. With what developmental disorder is VSD associated?

42. What tests show prior group A beta - hemolytic strep infection?

43. What is an Anitschow cell?

44. At What age does wear and tear aortic stenosis present? What congenital disease hastens the onset?

45. What causes mitral valve prolapse?

46. What is the characteristic murmurr of mitral stenosis?

47. Infects predamaged valves after transient bacteremia?

48. What are complications of dilated cardiomyopathy?

49. Which angina is relieved by Ca channel blockers?

50. What is a Quincke pulse?