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1. An admin needs a media that can run up to 100m in legth. Which type of media would be best?

2. Which transport layer protocol provides low overhead and is used for applications that do not require reliable data delivery?

3. Where is the IOS file stored at?

4. What command can be used to determine if the router has experienced any input or output errors?

5. What are 3 pieces of info about a route contained in a routing table?

6. Statements that describe LAN

7. What can be a problem that is reduced by adding end-to-end addressing?

8. What are 2 layers of the OSI model that have the same functions as the TCP/IP Network Application Layer?

9. 3 features that allow TCP to realibly and accurately track the transmission of data

10. If host A's DG is and host B's DG is - when the router's IP address is Which one will go through?

11. What would be the response displayed after pinging and there is a 0 packet transmission?

12. statements of IP adressing

13. What makes fiber preferable to copper for interconnecting buildings?

14. At which layer of the TCP/IP model does ethernet operate?

15. A router interface has been assigned an IP address of with a mask of To which subnet does the IP address belong?

16. What 2 type of cables would most commonly be used for new runs?

17. What is the role of MTA in handling email?

18. What are 2 protocols for transfering web resources?

19. What do you need to use for an initial configuration on a Cisco router?

20. Which layer supplies services and allows user interface?

21. What is a mechanism used by TCP to provide flow control as segments travel from source to destination?

22. Important characteristic of UDP

23. Which OSI model layer is responsible for regulating the flow of information from source to destination - reliably and accurately?

24. An admin needs to keep contents private - which access method should he use?

25. Why are port numbers included in the TCP header of a segment?

26. A company is planning to subnet a network w/ 27 hosts. What would be the subnet mask used for this?

27. 3 measures of data transfer

28. What is the primary purpose of ARP?

29. Host1 is in the process of setting up a TCP session with Host2. Host1 sent a SYN message to begin establishment - what happens next?

30. Group of hosts that have identical bit patterns in the high order bits of their addresses

31. With TCP/IP encapsulation - which range of port numbers identifies all well known applications?

32. Which portion of the network layer address does a router use to forward packets?

33. When destination network is not in the routing table - What are 2 actions the router might take?

34. What are 2 features of User Diagram Protocol (UDP)?

35. Which characteristics describe fiber optic cable?

36. 2 features that make switches preferable to hubs

37. What event occurs during the 3-way handshake?

38. Why is flow control used for TCP data transfer?

39. There are 4 different hosts connected to a hub - media is being transfered between 2 of them but the other 2 will also like to transfer media. What must the latest hosts do to transfer the media?

40. What can you identify when you examine the Network Layer header?

41. 3 primary functions of the data link layer encapsulation

42. What command is used to change the default name to 'Costas'?

43. 2 most commonly used media types in ethernet networks

44. During encapsulation - what happens in the Data Link Layer?

45. 3 terms that define the forms of help available within the Cisco IOS

46. What is an effect of improperly applying a network cable connector?

47. If you have a small network w/ 3 computers...

48. In an IPv4 environment - what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a router to another?

49. Which OSI layer is responsible for binary transmission - cable specification - and physical aspects of network communication?

50. 3 facts about the network portion of an IPv4 address