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1. Which protocol uses TCP port 443 at layer 4?

2. When a switch port is used as a VLAN trunk - which of the following trunk modes are valid?

3. Which two of the following values does STP take into consideration when it elects the root bridge?

4. A network administrator needs to force a high-performance switch that is located in the MDF to become the root bridge for a redundant path switched network. What can be done to ensure that this switch assumes the role of the Root Bridge?

5. You unsuccessfully try to ping the Internet from the PC host on the LAN. During the troubleshooting process - you enter the 'show ip nat translations' command but the output is blank. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

6. Acknowledgements - sequencing - and flow control are functions that are handled by which layer of the OSI model?

7. Some of the older Certkiller switches store the entire frame before forwarding it to the destination. What are two effects on network performance of configuring a switch to do this?

8. Assuming you build networks to exact specifications - What is the recommended maximum length a 10BaseT cable can be before it has to be segmented or repeated?

9. At which OSI layer is a logical path created between two host systems named CK1 and CK2 on the Certkiller LAN?

10. Which IOS user EXEC command will allow a network technician to determine which router in the path to an unreachable network host should be examined more closely for the cause of the network failure?

11. You need to configure two Certkiller switches to exchange VLAN information. Which protocol provides a method of sharing VLAN configuration information between these two switches?

12. You want to influence the root bridge selection within the Certkiller LAN. Which two values are used by spanning tree protocol to elect a root bridge? (Choose two.)

13. While troubleshooting an issue in the Certkiller LAN you notice that a network interface port has collision detection and carrier sensing enabled on a shared twisted pair network. From this statement - What is known about the network interface port?

14. Which layer of the OSI reference model is responsible for ensuring reliable end to end delivery of data?

15. Which of the following statements correctly describe the differences between half-duplex and full-duplex Ethernet?

16. You need to describe the various types of flow control to your co-workers. Which of the following are types of flow control that can be used in a network?

17. when files are transferred between a host and an FTP server - the data is divided into smaller pieces of transmission. As these pieces arrive at the destination host they must be reassembled to reconstruct the original file. What provides for the rea

18. Both the switches and hubs are being utilized within the CK network. Which of the following is true regarding the use of switches and hubs for the network connectivity in this network?

19. The corporate head office of Certkiller has a teleconferencing system that uses VOIP (voice over IP) technology. This system uses UDP as the transport for the data transmissions. If these UDP datagrams arrive at their destination out of sequence - wh

20. As a CCNA candidate - you must know the various layers of the OSI model. At which layers of the OSI model do Wide Area Networks operate in?

21. When you compare the differences between half-duplex and full-duplex Ethernet - which of the following characteristics are exclusive to half-duplex?

22. While troubleshooting a network connectivity problem - a Certkiller technician observes steady link lights on both the workstation NIC and the switch port to which the workstation is connected. However - when the ping command is issued from the works

23. The Certkiller LAN is upgrading all devices to operate in full duplex. Which statement is true about full-duplex Ethernet in comparison to half-duplex Ethernet?

24. With regard to Ethernet media access methods - which of the following are true?

25. As the Certkiller network administrator - you are required to have a firmunderstanding of the OSI model. Why does the data communication industry use the layered OSI reference model?

26. Certkiller is installing IP phones in a new office. The phones and office computers connect to the same device. To ensure maximum throughout for the phone data sessions - the company needs to make sure that the phone traffic is on a different network

27. A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?

28. Which of the following are spanning tree port states?

29. Which of the following devices can the Certkiller network administrator use to segment the LAN?

30. Split horizon has been enabled within the Certkiller routed network. Which one of the following statements best explains the split horizon rule?

31. Which two statements describe the operation of the CSMA/CD access method - which is in use on the Certkiller network?

32. What is the IEEE standard associated with Gigabit Ethernet?

33. Which of the protocols below - operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model - and is used to maintain a loop-free network?

34. You want to upgrade the Certkiller LAN so that all ports operate in full duplex mode. Which statement is true about full-duplex Ethernet when comparing to half-duplex Ethernet?

35. The Certkiller network administrator wants to use a router named CK1 to segment the local network. What are some of the advantages of using CK1 to segment the network? (Choose two)

36. You download a file from an FTP site on the Internet. What is the highest layer in the OSI model used in this FTP operations?

37. While troubleshooting a connectivity problem on the network - you issure the ping command from your PC command prompt - but the output shows 'request times out' At which OSI layer is this problem associated with?

38. You need to perform some initial configuration tasks on a new Certkiller switch. What are the possible trunking modes for this switch port?

39. Which of the following correctly describe steps in the OSI date encapsulation process?

40. Which three of the protocols below belong to the application layer? (Select three answer choices)

41. Which of the following are true of Ethernet technology?

42. Which of the following services use TCP?

43. A network administrator wants to control which user hosts can access the network based on their MAC address. What will prevent workstations with unauthorized MAC addresses from connecting to the network through a switch?

44. A Certkiller technician is troubleshooting connectivity problems between two routers that are directly connected through the serial line. The technician notices that the serial line is up but cannot see any neighbors displayed in the output of the sh

45. The system LED is amber on a new Certkiller Catalyst 2950 series switch. What does this indicate?

46. CDP is being used trhoughout the CK network. What are two reasons why the CK network administrator would use CDP?

47. A Certkiller switch is configured with all ports assigned to VLAN 2. In addition - all ports are configured as full-duplex FastEthernet. What is the effect of adding switch ports to a new VLAN on this switch?

48. ICMP is often used in troubleshooting and verifying network. What statements are true regarding ICMP packets?

49. You need to perform some initial configuration tasks on a new Certkiller switch. What is the purpose of assigning an IP address to a switch?

50. The Certkiller network administrator issues the ping command and successfully tests connectivity to a host that has been newly connected to the network. Which protocols were used during the test?