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CCNA Managing An Internetwork

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1. You copy a configuration from a network host to a router's RAM. The configuration looks correct - yet it is not working at all. What could the problem be?

2. Router#copy flash tftp

3. The IP addresses of each directly connected neighbor

4. Ctrl+Break during router bootup; IOS is corrupt or missing; no network connectivity available to find a TFTP host; the mini-IOS from ROM doesn't load

5. What command can you use to see the hostname - local interface - platform - and remote port of a neighbor router?

6. What keystrokes can you use to telnet into multiple devices simultaneously?

7. What is the command to copy the startup-config file to DRAM?

8. To end a session from a remote device

9. Turn CDP on for an interface

10. A proprietary protocol designed by Cisco to help administrators collect information about both locally attached and remote devices

11. What command will show you your active Telnet connections to neighbor and remote devices?

12. Sh run

13. Displays information about each interface using CDP - including the encapsulation on the line - the timer - and the holdtime for each interface.

14. Verifying your routing table

15. You are consoled into a router and you see the following output...

16. From the 2600 series router - type reset; From the 2500 series router - type I (for initialize)

17. Displays the same information as the show cdp neighbor details command

18. What does the command o/r 0x2142 provide?

19. Rommon 1 > confreg 0x2142

20. You telnet into a router and type debugging commands to help you troubleshoot a problem; however - no output appears. What command should you type to view the debug output?

21. What is an older command that you can use to copy the startup-config file to DRAM?

22. Router(boot)(config)#config-register 0x2102

23. What command can you use to upgrade a Cisco IOS?

24. Stored in the microcode of the ROM - the POST is used to check the basic functionality of the router hardware and determines which interfaces are present.

25. What command can you use to merge a backup configuration with the configuration in RAM?

26. Used to hold the router and switch configuration. NVRAM is not erased when the router or switch is reloaded.

27. How will a 2600 series router respond if the conditions listed below exist during the boot process?

28. What information is displayed by the show hosts command? (Choose two.)

29. You need to gather the IP address of a remote switch that is located in Hawaii. What can you do to find the address?

30. Stored in the microcode of the ROM - the bootstrap is used to bring a router up during initialization. It will boot the router and then load the IOS.

31. To end a session from a local device

32. Appends the domain name to the hostname

33. Which of the following commands enables a network administrator to verify the Application layer connectivity between source and destination?

34. What command can you use to see the neighbor router's IP address from your router prompt?

35. Called the RXBOOT or bootloader by Cisco - the mini-IOS is a small IOS in ROM that can be used to bring up an interface and load a Cisco IOS into flash memory. The mini-IOS can also perform a few other maintenance operations.

36. During the boot sequence - a router needs to locate and load an operating system. What is the default order the router uses to find an operating system?

37. What should the configuration register value be after you successfully complete the password recovery procedure and return the router to normal operation?

38. A 16-bit configurable value stored in hardware or software that determines how Cisco routers function during initialization.

39. Which three statements accurately describe CDP?

40. Sets the IP address of the DNS server (up to 6)

41. See the current value of the configuration register and IOS version

42. Stored in the microcode of the ROM - the ROM monitor is used for manufacturing - testing - and troubleshooting.

43. The corporate office sends you a new router to connect - but upon connecting the console cable - you see that there is already a configuration on the router. What should be done before a new configuration is entered in the router?

44. A network administrator wants to upgrade the IOS of a router without removing the image currently installed. What command will display the amount of memory consumed by the current IOS image and indicate whether there is enough room available to hold

45. Why is the show processes command used on a router before a debug command is entered?

46. Which command displays the configuration register setting?

47. Set CDP holdtime to 240 seconds

48. If you want to have more than one Telnet session open at the same time - what keystroke combination would you use?

49. Turn off domain-lookup

50. Test connectivity to remote devices