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1. class c private addresses

2. Which command shows global frame relay stats since the last router reload?

3. name a situation where a static route would be appropriate...

4. IPv6 multicast address

5. Which command shows global frame relay stats since the last router reload?

6. What is the LMI DLCI used in Cisco?

7. Inverse ARP maps a ______ to a ________

8. What is the frame relay inactive state?

9. IPv6 global unicast addresses

10. IPv6 2002::/16

11. What is the default configuration register setting?

12. What are the two ppp authentication methods?

13. IPv6 unique local address

14. What are the three types of congestion notification used by frame relay?

15. IPv6 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0

16. what command shows which vtp server updated the switch

17. IPv6 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

18. Which command shows frame relay status and keep-alive information?

19. tcp/udp port for TFTP

20. IPv6 You can replace ______ contiguous block(s) of zeros with a double colon?

21. IPv6 unicast address

22. How does ripv2 respond to topology changes?

23. OSPF hello packets are sent to which address?

24. tcp/udp port for FTP control

25. What is the default bridge STP priority?

26. What command shows the amount of memory being used and whether there is enough room to load a new image?

27. Name 2 reasons a serial connection can be in an up/down status?

28. confreg 2120

29. What 2 features did WPAV1 add to address WEP's weaknesses?

30. What is wrong with this command 'ip default-route'?

31. What command kills telnet session #3?

32. tcp/udp port for SNMP

33. IPv6 FC00::/7

34. Which command turns on RIPng for ipv6?

35. What does config register 0x2100 do?

36. Which priveleged mode IOS command shows the state of the OSPF DR/BDR election process?

37. What are the three options for LMI in FR?

38. Sticky secure mac addresses are stored...

39. The frame relay dlci identifies the logical circuit between the ______ and the ______

40. At which layer should you begin troubleshooting QOS issues?

41. Which two wireless encryption methods are based on RC4?

42. Which features did wpav4 add to address the weaknesses of WEP?

43. What does this command do: mac-address-table static MAC ADDRESS vlan 10 int f0/1

44. What is the frame relay deleted state?

45. ipv6 global addresses start with ...

46. What type of cable connects the router's aux port to a modem?

47. Which 2 commands show IP address associated with a MAC address

48. IPv6 0:0:0:0:0:0:

49. Which command suspends a telnet session?

50. Frame relay point to point interfaces emulate _______