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CCNA Voice - 3

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1. Is the amount of time it takes to actually place a bit or byte onto an interface. Its influence on delay is relatively minimal.

2. How does G.729 header go __/__/__

3. Who scored highest in the MOS

4. To reduce the overall ___ overhead introduced by the 54-byte header - multiple voice samples can be packed into a single Ethernet frame to transmit. Although this can increase the voice ___ - increasing this count can improve the overall voice___ - e

5. RTP uses the __ __ to determine whether the packets are arriving in order - and it uses the __ __ information to determine the interarrival packet time (jitter).

6. ___describes CELP compression that enables __ to be coded into _ Kbps streams;

7. PSQM was developed to 'hear' impairments caused by __ and __ and not packet loss or jitter

8. __by default - sends two 10-ms G.729 speech frames in every packet - If you send more __ frames you put in a packet the fewer ___ you require but if you loose a packet the more __ you lose

9. On a voip link What is the max packet loss

10. When companies merge make sure you configure the __ __

11. The jitter buffer found within Cisco IOS ___ is considered a __ queue. This queue can grow or shrink exponentially depending on the interarrival time of the __ packets.

12. If a packet is lost What is replayed? packet loss is common in data networks but not in __

13. __ is an _ measurement of voice quality and the __ measures the voice

14. PCM and ADPCM are examples of __ __

15. __ __ replays the last packet received

16. Defines many different causes of delay (actual packetization - compression - and packet switching) and is caused by devices that forward the frame through the network. Includes __ ___ for congested networks.

17. Voice samples are packed into the___ ___ of a UDP/RTP packet and thus the network header overhead would be __.

18. Echo cancellers are limited by the total amount of time they wait for the reflected speech to be received __ __. A good time to configure is __ms

19. ___ ___ are used within Cisco IOS Software to determine what level of ___ - if any - exists within the network.

20. __ the 64 Kbps __ voice coding technique - This is used for the digital voice delivery in the __ or __

21. Using G.729 - just __ conversions from D/A cause the MOS score to decrease rapidly but __ is less resilient

22. Proxy server is not required in an __ based system

23. __ builds in some reliability to the connectionless __ protocol - enables reliability with out using the overhead of __ - what protocol send multiples of the same packet __

24. This adaptation of jitter buffer __ is effective in compensating for delays.

25. Propagation delay in conjuction with handeling delay can cause noticeable

26. VAD problems in determining when speech __ and __ - and in distinguishing speech from __ __. Its also known as __ __ __ __

27. In an unmanaged - congested network - ___delay can add up to two seconds of delay (or result in the packet being dropped). This lengthy period of delay is___ in almost any voice network. delay)

28. Time of day of highest calls on circuit focus those on the __

29. What are 3 things you can do if they want to implement a corporate dial plan

30. __ Describes a compression technique that you can use to compress ___or other __ signal components of multimedia service at a low bit rate - MP-MLQ provides greater quality at __ Kbps - CELP provides flexibility at __Kbps

31. __ recommends no more than __ms delay one-way transmission

32. RTCP provides support for real-time conferencing of __ of any size within an Internet - does not send __ - offers __and supports __ media streams

33. __ describes __ coding at __ - __ - __ and __ Kbps; you also can interchange ADPCM voice between packet voice and public phone or PBX networks

34. __is characterized as the amount of time it takes for speech to exit the speaker's mouth and reach the listener's ear.

35. __ __ occurs when you have more than one compression/decompression cycle for each phone call and Voice degradation occurs

36. __ is not wasting __ when there is no sound to transmit. At least __ % is wasted

37. A __ can trick the human ear into perceiving a higher-quality voice - but a __ cannot be tricked.

38. The difference between when the packet is expected and when it is actually received is __. - exists only in __ ___ networks

39. Caused by the length a signal must travel via light in fiber or electrical impulse in copper-based networks.

40. These techniques can be grouped together generally as __ __ and include variations such as linear predictive coding (LPC) - code excited linear prediction compression (CELP) - and multipulse - multilevel quantization (MP-MLQ).

41. Preferred codec for skype - PC to phone apps - A free speech codec suitable for robust voice communication over IP.

42. __ protocol that carries audio and video packets - is the standard for transmitting__ __traffic across packet-based networks

43. RTP consists of a __ __ and a control part the called __

44. You stop Echo in a PSTN by __ __ and is done in __ which is located on each __

45. [email protected] is a __ entry but coverts then to an __ address

46. Simplify the router - use H.323 gatekeeper or voice managers to avoid __ __

47. It has a large header of __ bytes - Size of headers IP/RTP/UDP

48. __ Kbps low-delay variation of CELP voice compression 16 kbps

49. The problem with VAD is detecting when speech __. This is known as__ Usually - the person listening to the speech does not notice this cut off because it did not record and transmit any codec.

50. How many times can a digital to analog conversion in my network and PSTN total network happen - __ speech is less robust conversion