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CCNA Wireless Questions

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1. What is the maximum data rate of IEE 902.11b?

2. You are connecting your access point and it is set to root. What does extended service set ID mean?

3. A single 802.11g access point has been configured and installed in the center of a square-shaped office. A few wireless users are experiencing slow performance and drops while most users are operating at peak efficiency. What could likely be the caus

4. What is the maximum data rate of IEEE 802.11g?

5. Which two practices help secure the configuration utilities on wireless access points from unauthorized access?

6. Two workers have established wireless communication directly between their wireless laptops. What type of wireless topology has been created by these employees?

7. How many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11b?

8. What is the frequency range of IEEE 802.11g?

9. Which two wireless encryption methods are based on the RC4 encryption algorithm?

10. Which IEEE committee has been sanctioned by WPA and is called WPA2?

11. The TKIP encryption is based on the...

12. Which two features did WPA add to address the inherent weaknesses found in WEP?

13. What is the frequency range of IEEE 802.11b?

14. Which wireless LAN design ensures that a mobile wireless client will not lose connectivity when moving from one access point to another?

15. Which feature of 802.11n provides MAC efficiency?

16. WPA2 uses which encryption method?

17. Which encryption type does WPA2 use? WPA?

18. What is the frequency range of IEEE 802.11a?

19. Describes the wireless security standard that WPA defines?

20. What is the maximum data rate for the 802.11a standard?

21. What are three basic parameters to configure on a wireless access point?

22. You have finished physically installing an access point on the ceiling of your office. At a minimum - which parameter must be configured on the access point in order to allow a wireless client to operate on it?

23. A wireless client cannot connect to an 802.11b/g BSS with a b/g wireless card. The client section of the access point does not list any active WLAN clients. What is a possible reason for this?

24. Name three EAP types that allow us to use wireless LANs in enterprise networks?

25. What device must be on your wired network when running an enterprise EAP solution?