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1. When creating a BGP neighbor relationship to a loopback interface what must be remember in the context of routing?

2. What advantage is there it establishing a neighbor relationship using a loopback interface?

3. What is the terminology for BGP route reflector?

4. What is the IBGP Split Horizon rule? What does this accomplish?

5. How does a host learn about available multicast streams?

6. What is the IOS command to check for IGMP group members? What info does it reveal?

7. Describe how PIM-Sparse-Dense operates.

8. What are the 4 BGP packet types? What do they contain?

9. Explain the contents of the BGP update message.

10. What type of protocol is BGP classified as? What is its decision engine?

11. Explain the IGMPv3 membership process and new features.

12. Name the Well-known mandatory attributes.

13. What is the BGP Synchronization requirement and What does is prevent? When should it be left disabled? When should it be enabled?

14. Explain the relationship between MBone - DVMRP - PIM - IGMP - CGMP hosts - routers and switches?

15. What is the full mesh versus partial mesh IBGP and What are the implications of each?

16. Within the layer 3 multicast address space - name 3 reserved scopes and their purpose.

17. How does Source and Shared Distribution Tree models related to PIM-DM and PIM-SM?

18. Name the Well-known discretionary attributes.

19. What is the command to configure a BGP RR?<br />

20. Describe how and IGMPv2 host leaves. What is the interaction between host and router look like?

21. What is the formula to determine number of links in a full mesh topology?

22. What entities are responsible for allocating BGP AS numbers?

23. What does IGMPv2 add?

24. IOS command to configure router to be a member of an IGMP group or statically connected member.

25. What are 2 stipulations of advertising networks BGP?

26. What are some of the obstacles with IGMP and multicast in general as it relates to layer 2/switches?

27. What advantage does multicast offer?

28. What are the commands to enable multicast routing on a router?

29. What is the key difference between how a multicast routing protocol forwards packets versus a unicast routing protocol?

30. What is the layer 2 multicast address and how is it formed? What potential problem is there with this?

31. What is the solution to establishing neighbor relationships when multiple paths exist? What are the command to establish this? What command to tell R1 to use its loopback0 interface as the update source neighbor

32. What are the methods to control multicast within the layer 2 domain? What are some benefits &amp; drawbacks of each?

33. Explain the AS format and ranges?

34. IOS command to dictate when a leaf router (in PIM-SM) will switch from shared to source tree.

35. What command will produce the following output and What is it displaying?<br /><br /><img src='5d3c9233dd205ee4319ef0ac2fc07460.jpg' />

36. What is a BGP peer group?

37. What is the significance of an AS being a transit AS?

38. What are the 6 BGP Neighbor states?

39. Explain the multicast routing table distribution tree notations.

40. Which IOS command shows what version of IGMP is running?

41. What are the 3 BGP tables and What is in them?

42. What config would be used to configured an outbound BGP distribute list to block all routes from being advertised except ones from /24 network to neighbors and

43. What is the command to enable BPG authentication?

44. What are the basic commands to enable BGP - define a BGP peer relationship and advertise a network?

45. Describe 4 multicast application models and give an example of each?

46. What is the command to configure a BGP RR?

47. Explain the way RR handles route updates.

48. What effect will placing a route to null0 have on BGP?

49. What are two methods of establishing a gateway of last resort?

50. Name 6 multicast routing protocols.