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1. Given the fact that the BGP route selection process begins by excluding any route with an inaccessible next hop - What is the next route selection criteria that is used?

2. What command do you use in OSPF to configure inter-area route summarization on the ABR?

3. Once adjacencies are established in the LAN and router information is being maintained - what step follows a router noticing a change and multicasting an LSU to

4. If you want to modify parameters before inserting prefixes into the BGP table - you can use a route map. Name at least three reasons why this might be accomplished.

5. What is the command to configure a router as a BGP route reflector?

6. Name at least two standard filtering-oriented communities for use in BGP.

7. What is the type number of the external routes permitted in a Not-So-Stubby OSPF area?

8. You are examining the results of the show ip route command - and you notice several OSPF routes bear an O IA route designator. What does this signify?

9. In a LAN - with which router(s) does a DROTHER form an adjacency?

10. You have configured the demand-circuit configuration in your OSPF network - but the link keeps coming up because of OSPF. Name at least three possible reasons for this.

11. What is the default value of the MED attribute?

12. How can you change the amount of bandwidth that EIGRP consumes on an interface?

13. What is the command that you use in EIGRP to control the load balancing across unequal cost paths?

14. What are two possible causes for an ABR not to advertise a summary route?

15. How do you override the cost value that is calculated for a particular interface?

16. Routing table

17. What is the administrative distance for IBGP?

18. What is the multicast address used by EIGRP for the sending of Hellos and routing updates?

19. Another method is commonly used to solve the IBGP full mesh requirement. It involves the configuration of smaller sub-autonomous systems created within a primary autonomous system. What are these called?

20. You need to configure BGP community propagation for a large number of BGP neighbors. What is the ideal mechanism to use to assist with this configuration?

21. The metric of EIGRP contains a reliability component. What is the value that indicates a completely unreliable link?

22. Keepalive

23. What are the actions used by an Outbound Route Filter (ORF) type of Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI)-based filtering (type 1)?

24. You need to suppress the periodic Hellos so that an ISDN link is not constantly enabled in a dial-on-demand routing (DDR) environment. What feature of OSPF should you use?

25. What is the correct router configuration command that must be issued on all routers in an OSPF area to use the strongest authentication method possible?

26. Identify the command that can be used to manually configure a neighbor in a NBMA OSPF environment.

27. What are five possible reasons that the OSPF neighbor list might be empty when troubleshooting OSPF?

28. How can a router qualify as a feasible successor in EIGRP?

29. How is route tagging with communities actually accomplished in BGP?

30. Which of the Cisco OSPF nonbroadcast multiaccess (NBMA) modes of operation requires a full mesh topology?

31. In a LAN - to which router(s) does a DROTHER send an update?

32. You are considering the use of a virtual link to connect an OSPF area to the backbone. This link is configured between two ABRs. These ABRs must not be part of what type of area?

33. Name at least four BGP-related parameters that you can set with a route map.

34. Describe an autonomous system(AS).

35. What is the term for routers running BGP?

36. What OSPF-related command allows you to reset the refbw value used in the formula for OSPF cost calculation?

37. You want to propagate a default route to other EIGRP speakers in the autonomous system. What command do you used to accomplish this?

38. Notification

39. You are examining the results of the show ip route command - and you notice several OSPF routes bear an O E2 route designator. What does this signify?

40. What is the meaning of the following regular expression: _200$

41. You need to change the default local preference value applied to all updates coming from external neighbors or originating locally. What command should you use?

42. To what IP address does OSPF send packets destined for the Designated Router (DR) and Backup Designated Router (BDR) in the LAN?

43. You need all redistributed networks to have a specified MED value. What command should you use?

44. What is the command to change the cost of the default route used within a Totally Stubby area?

45. Name at least two reasons why an OSPF neighbor might be stuck in the EXSTART/EXCHANGE state.

46. Describe a single-homed network.

47. For the Point-to-point Cisco mode of operation - fill in the following information: Dynamic or manual neighbor configuration? ________ DR/BDR election required?

48. What does a Type 1 LSA describe and Where is this LSA flooded?

49. If you do not use the router-id command - how is the router ID selected on an OSPF speaking router?

50. You are examining the results of the show ip route command - and you notice several OSPF routes bear an O E1 route designator. What does this signify?