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CCNP Switch Deck

Subjects : cisco, it-skills, ccnp
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1. What is the DIFS?

2. How does packet forwarding work

3. What does DTP do?

4. What are the steps to configure a PAgP port channel?

5. RSTP forwarding state

6. How should the switch port to which a LAP be configured?

7. What is RPR?

8. What method of QOS does voice traffic use most frequently?

9. What is an ESS?

10. For QoS - switch uplinks should always be considered as ____ _____?

11. What scope is 802.1x enabled?

12. What is 802.1x force-unauthorized?

13. What is dynamic auto?

14. What is step 1 of enabling IP source guard?

15. How does GLBP work?

16. What 2 tunnelling mechanisms do the LAP and WLC use to communicate?

17. What is an IBSS?

18. How does a LAP and a WLC authenticate between each other?

19. If a wireless station needs to transmit and another device is transmitting - what happens?

20. What does Root Guard do?

21. What types of links can be trunked?

22. What is the default FE duplex?

23. EAP encryption

24. How are BDPUs spread?

25. What are the 3 trunk switchport modes?

26. What is DSCP?

27. What happens during HSRP failover?

28. RSTP uses which standard?

29. What is the STP hello timer?

30. How much overlap should a wireless repeater have?

31. What is the cost of a 10Gbps link?

32. what if a secondary VLAN?

33. RSTP designated port

34. How many virtual MACs can GLBP have?

35. What is the cost of a 1Gbps link?

36. What is the GLBP redirect timer?

37. What is the RSTP default hello interval?

38. What does IP source guard do?

39. Which 4 things must be agreeable to trunk?

40. What cabling do GBICs use?

41. How does a DAI enabled switch gather trusted ARP info?

42. What is errdisable dtp-flap?

43. What are TCAM entries composed of?

44. what must be done on an SVI before it is activated?

45. What are the steps to configure a LACP port channel?

46. What is a vlan?

47. What is a discard adjacency?

48. How does ISL handle COS?

49. How can BDPU Guard be configured?

50. What is the PVLAN promiscuous mode?