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CCNP Switch Deck

Subjects : cisco, it-skills, ccnp
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1. What does the switchport host macro do?

2. How is a QoS trust bondary configured?

3. How do you configure LACP standby links?

4. How does RSTP converge?

5. Where is loop guard enabled?

6. If the WLC connects to an Etherchannel - how should the channel be configured and why?

7. How does HSRP plain text authentication work?

8. What is the FM?

9. What are the characteristics of the core layer

10. What is the size of ISL encapsulation?

11. What is a CEF punt?

12. How many designated ports are there?

13. What is an indirect topology change?

14. What does IP source guard do?

15. What is the default 802.3af power class and its use?

16. RSTP edge port

17. What are the gotchas for uplinkfast?

18. How do you configure a DHCP gateway?

19. What are the RSTP port roles?

20. How many 802.3af power classes are there?

21. WPA encryption

22. What is a PVLAN?

23. When DHCP snooping is turned on - by default - it considers all ports ______

24. Which 4 things must be agreeable to trunk?

25. What categories can ports be in with dhcp snooping enabled?

26. What is RPR?

27. What are the characteristics of the distribution layer?

28. What is an end to end vlan?

29. What is DCF?

30. What is the range of PAgP channel group numbers?

31. RSTP learning state

32. What happens when switches receive a configuration BDPU?

33. What does the minimum keyword do in HSRP?

34. How does HSRP port tracking work?

35. WEP encryption

36. How does a DAI enabled switch gather trusted ARP info?

37. What functions does a WLC perform?

38. What does UDLD do?

39. What are LOU register pairs?

40. How long are TCAM masks?

41. Where should you change the network diameter value?

42. What is the default network diameter?

43. What does the RP do?

44. When looking at the sh spanning tree output - What does P2P denote?

45. What is SSO?

46. Where is UDLD enabled?

47. What is an SVI?

48. What is a vlan?

49. What is the size of a TCAM value?

50. One vlan should =