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CCNP Wireless Security

Subjects : cisco, it-skills, ccnp
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1. What are mping and eping used for from the wlc cli

2. What is the WLAN-->Advanced--> DIagnostic Channel used for

3. How is the CAPWAP tunnel between AP & WLC encrypted

4. What kind of local 802.1x auth. does HREAP support

5. What are the 4 main components of NGS re: guests

6. Protocols used in wIPS

7. What is Ciscos gold confidence level deployment of wIPS aps in a walled environment

8. Why add an IPS if WLCs already detect attacks.

9. Steps to setting up out-of-band virtual gateway setup on the NAS & NAM

10. What is HREAP Local Auth limitation

11. Client Roaming Reasons

12. How does CCKM simplify PMK Caching

13. What is Conditional Web Redirect

14. How does the Nac Appliance Agent (NAA) work cohesively with 802.1x

15. Steps to auth with NAA w/ SSO

16. Steps to setting up an out-of-band virtual gateway NAS setup

17. How is IBN-QoS

18. Whats included in 802.11-2012

19. 2 different types of wIPS deployment

20. Why is fast secure roaming used

21. What does Fast Secure Roaming use re: Keying

22. Things to Enable in ACS (Global Authentication Page) for PEAP support

23. Briefly describe eap-tls

24. Steps to configure wlcs for guest wlan

25. What is NGS & whats it used for

26. Difference between mobility list and mobility group

27. Describe AP Assisted Roaming

28. Steps to adding an IPS

29. Steps to posture assesment

30. How is encryption established between OEAP & Anchor WLC

31. 3 categories of segmented traffic

32. What does FIPS-2 require for WLC to RADIUS communications

33. How is IBN implemented on a WLAN

34. Steps to config. .1x for AP to WLC connections

35. Vlan pooling

36. What CCX version is required for CCKM

37. How does client MFP work

38. When PKC is used

39. How long before an HREAP goes into disconnected/standalone mode

40. What are virtual domains used for in WCS

41. Briefly describe peap

42. Encryption algorithm used by Certificates

43. What is the radius server override interface option under WLAN-->AAA?

44. Difference between MFP-1 & MFP-2

45. IAPP roaming protocol

46. What is the IEEE Standards version of MFP

47. What is included in a Pairwise Transient Key (PTK)

48. Eap process/messages

49. What triggers can initiate a WLC to request a client to roam

50. Whats in CCXv4?