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Certified Ehr Specialist

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1. Back side of body

2. Lying on the belly

3. Electronic Medical Records - Computerized records of one physician's encounter with a patient over time.

4. Office of National Coordination for Health Information Technology

5. Disease condition

6. What National Council for Prescrioption Drug Program is for...

7. Below another structure

8. Computerized physician order entry

9. gastrointestinal

10. To increase the angle of a joint

11. Smooth - slightly elevated - swollen area that is redder or paler than the surrounding skin

12. musculoskeletal

13. Brain - nerves - mind

14. Standardized system used to transfer information between imaging systems

15. 200 -000 - 7 alphanumeric codes for inpatient care

16. the goal for all Americans to be using EHR was to take place in how many years?

17. Pancreas - thyroid

18. What Health Level Seven version 2.3+ is for...

19. To decrease the angle of a joint

20. What is a covered entity (CE)?

21. Human Genome Nomenclature

22. A new opening

23. Produced by - pertaining to producing

24. Cancerous - cancer

25. Before - in front of

26. Turning outward

27. Cell

28. Combination of paper & electronic forms of data

29. President who recommended HIT in 2004

30. Front surface of body

31. Urinary tract

32. Structural protein found in the skin and connective tissue

33. Far from the point of attachment to the trunk or far from the beginning of a structure

34. Lower costs & smoother transition

35. Absence of hair from areas where it normally grows

36. Companies that process health information

37. Nose

38. Before

39. Right patient - right medicaition - right dose - right time & right route

40. Pertaining to the side

41. Gradual change to electronic records.

42. Above - upon

43. Identified standards for the electronic exchange of health information

44. System of classification for services & procedures used in the outpatient setting

45. Set of common definitions for medical terms

46. Kidneys - bladder - ureters - urethra

47. Near the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure

48. Excision

49. Bone is partially out of joint

50. The bone is crushed and or shattered