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Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

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1. Ways to reference a law

2. COI

3. NFPA Class B fire

4. 8 types of records to review in an audit

5. MTRs


7. Alpha particle

8. CERCLA Section 107

9. Phase II ESA

10. HSWA

11. How do you calculate the Hazard Index (HI)?

12. Stormwater permit sampling

13. Fresh water


15. Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

16. 29CFR1926

17. ug/dl

18. CWA

19. For a 12 -000 gallon AST storing a Class IIIB combustible liquid - what is the minimum set back from the property line?

20. TSDF

21. Neurological

22. TSCA inventory list requirements

23. HSWA

24. RFI

25. Toxin

26. How frequently should employee refresher training be provided under the Process Safety Management (PSM) standard?

27. Legal concepts for pollution control

28. What are the four types of torts?

29. MACT

30. SDWA

31. SPCC

32. 10 CFR =?

33. PCB Annual Report

34. What is the generally accepted method for measuring attainment with NAAQS for nitrogen dioxide?

35. LDRs

36. 7 steps of an audit

37. Polyvinyl alcohol PVA

38. Respirator Fit Factors

39. Beta particle


41. FFCA

42. Federal regulation amendments

43. FRP Facility response plan

44. Potentiation

45. PNL

46. TLV

47. 29CFR1910.132(h)(2)

48. TSCA

49. The respiratory protection equipment required for initial entry to remove sludge that is contaminated with an unknown hydrocarbon is?

50. SWOT