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1. What is Vswif?

2. Which level of logging in vCenter will collect all possible?

3. What tool will determine necessary hardware to run your new infrastructure for your conversion?

4. What is Guided Consolitdation?

5. How do you prepare your vCenter 4 server for VM Customization?

6. what is a VM_name-flat.vmdk file?

7. You can't automatically...

8. How many LUNs can a Fibre Channel san recognize during bootup and install?

9. Which ESX editions allow third party storage multipathing?

10. What technology allows you to store a VM on a NFS share?

11. What does vCenter Server linked mode require?

12. Contrast VMWare Server and workstation in terms of installation as and running

13. Which vCenter Server 4 driver is required to make a system ODBC connection?

14. How do you perform a text mode upgrade of ESX?

15. What is the upgrade order of ESX?

16. When can you use the Web Browser to manage ESX 4?

17. How do you create a 1.5 TB hard drive - what block size do you need?

18. Which services need access to the iSCSI SAN to run?

19. In ESX - how do you set the IP addres for the virtual Nic?

20. What is the order of install and setup for vcenter?

21. What is the Max RAM support for a VM in ESX?

22. What is best practice to resize during an ESX installaiton?

23. What are used to apply and monitor configurations to ESX?

24. How many NICs does a VM support?

25. What block size will for VMFS will allow you to create the maximum sized VMFS volume on a lun?

26. What does ESX4.x Provide instead of Capacity Planner?

27. In ESX you have a VM that hosts a public website and you want to ensure excessive traffic from the website will not prevent other VMs from fully utilizing the NIC

28. Which modes does a vNetwork Distributed Switch support?

29. Where can ESX 4.x be installed?

30. How to provide space to a VMFS datastore without moving data somewhere else?

31. You want to design for Fastest throughput and have 2 physical Nics available?

32. what is a VM_name.vmdk file?

33. In a fibre channel lun - what does vmhba1:c0:t2:l3:s1 represtent?

34. in ESX - how many hosts per switch?

35. How do you change DNS behavior in ESX?

36. What must you create to add a NFS datastore to ESX4 host?

37. How many NICs does ESX support?

38. What can you install vcenter on?