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CGEIT: Certified In The Governance Of Enterprise It

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1. Anual loss expectancy ALE

2. Balanced scorecard - Customer

3. Refine the innovation process management

4. Best practices in dealing with policies Policies (not principles)

5. ISO 9000

6. Audit risk consists of...

7. Methods for continuous process improvement

8. Balanced scorecard (BSC)

9. Key principle of BPM

10. benefit management (Profit organization realization)

11. Types of assertions

12. IT governance life cycle

13. risk governance

14. Raci carts (RACI)

15. The implementation phase of a (Gov. Compliance) Review

16. Structure of the 32 COBIT processes mgmt.

17. Balanced scorecard - Financial

18. Balanced scorecard - Internal Business Processes

19. ISO 9000

20. Entity level controls

21. COBIT framework

22. IT Strategy Committee

23. COBIT cascading goals

24. Derivation Cobit practices / control objectives

25. Function point analysis

26. Establishing accountability

27. Use of balanced scorecards

28. ISO 27000

29. 3 Governance Objectives

30. Risk treatment process

31. The 3 themes of the ICS economic / financial risk

32. Balanced scorecard - Learning and Growt

33. Value management

34. Detection risk

35. Control self assessment Self-assessment (kd) or a Control Self Assessment (CSA supervised self-assessment

36. Operational risk is...

37. Hierarchy of policies

38. 5 focus area of IT Governance

39. Three different control categories?

40. IT Steering Committee

41. COBIT professional guides

42. CSFs

43. IT Governance and COBIT

44. A widely used definition of operational risk is the one contained in the Basel II [1] regulations. This definition states that operational risk is the risk of loss resulting from ____________ - people and systems - or from external events.

45. KPI

46. COBIT enabler guides

47. Risk analysis techniques

48. Return on security investment ROSI

49. The report stage of a review

50. Control risk