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Chemical Engineering

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1. Three areas under Environmental Engineering?

2. What are the 3 types of fossil used today?

3. A brittle solid produced from decaying plants in high pressure and temperature over a long period of time

4. The process of splitting a nucleus into two smaller masses

5. A Petroleum Engineer ____ - _____ - and ______ the equipment to process the petroleum into the end product

6. Three branches - recognized by AIChE - of Chemical Engineering

7. The process of combining two smaller masses into one larger nucleus

8. Transmutation is the process when one element becomes another through _____ _____.

9. Most penetrating form of radiation

10. Study nuclear energy and radiation and their beneficial uses

11. Loses a neutron and gains a proton

12. Cleaning up of a contaminated site

13. Nuclear reactors use controlled _____ _____ to convert nuclear energy into electrical energy.

14. Petroleum that has been turned in to a gas

15. Nuclear engineers are concerned mostly with...

16. What is the most common area of Environmental engineering?

17. Disposal and processing of industrial and residential waste (similar to Civil)

18. American Institute of Chemical Engineers acronym!

19. What is the highest paid engineer?

20. Alpha Decay- Alpha particle is made of?

21. What are the 5 renewable sources of energy?

22. The sun uses thermonuclear fusion to ____ ____ _____.

23. The sun uses ______ _____to radiate energy outwards.

24. Work at nuclear plants to design - run - observe - and improve the reactor's efficiency and safe operation

25. Petroleum Engineers are involved in...

26. Disposal engineers dispose and process _____ and _____ waste

27. What are three nuclear engineering divisions?

28. Chemical engineers work with process to ensure ____ handling of reliable chemical products.

29. Environmental Engineering applies science in the pursuit of making the world a safer place for _____ ___ ______.

30. The process when one element becomes another through radioactive decay

31. Applies science in the pursuit of making the world a safer place for humans and animals

32. Uses thermonuclear fusion to radiate energy outwards.

33. Petroleum (crude oil) is a flammable fluid produced from decaying animals in ___ _____ and ____ over a long period of time.

34. Chemical engineers work with process to ensure safe handling of reliable _________ ________.

35. What are the 3 types of decay?

36. Chemical engineers ______ - ______ - and _____ large- scale production facilities (2 out of 3 work for manufacturing industry)

37. Chemical engineers design - develop - and operate _____-_____ ________ ________.

38. Fission

39. Emphasis on chemistry and the chemical nature of products and processes

40. Nuclear reactors use controlled chain reactions to convert...

41. Similar to Civil

42. Maintains the flow of petroleum in a safe and reliable manner Exploration of crude oil - Removal of the oil - Transporting the oil

43. An electron given off during decay

44. Nuclear engineers study nuclear _____ and _____ and their ______ uses nuclear power plants

45. What is always found with petroleum?

46. Chemical engineers take what chemists do in the lab and apply ________ _______ _______ to it for societal use.

47. Design process to reduce or eliminate harmful waste (most common area of Environmental)

48. Nuclear engineers work at nuclear plants to _______ - ________ - ______ - ___ ______ the reactor's efficiency and safe operation.

49. How many chemical engineers work for a manufacturing industry?

50. All fossil fuels are mined ____.