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CISM: Certified Information Security Manager

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1. If the firewall allows source routing - any outsider can carry out _________________ by stealing the internal (private) IP addresses of the organization.

2. Potentially damaging computer program that affects - or infects a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works

3. Adherence to local regulations must always be the priority. _______________________ is the most effective compromise in this situation.

4. Are expensive - so they have to be used in areas where the risk is at its greatest level. These areas are the ones with high impact and high frequency of occurrence.

5. Provide metrics to which outsourcing firms can be held accountable.

6. When mobile equipment is lost or stolen - the ______________________ matters most in determining the impact of the loss.

7. The best measure and will involve reviewing the entire source code to detect all instances of back doors.

8. The MOST important element of the request for proposal (RFP) ro assess the maturity level of the organization's information security management is _______________________.

9. The risk that remains after putting into place an effective risk management program; therefore - acceptable risk is achieved when this amount is minimized.

10. Someone who uses email as a vehicle for extortion; send company threatening emails indicating they will expose confidential information - exploit security launch - etc.

11. The BEST way to justify the implementation of a _____________________ is to use a business case. Return on investment (ROI) would only provide the costs needed to preclude specific risks - and would not provide other indirect benefits such as process

12. There is a time lag between the time when a security vulnerability is first published - and the time when a patch is delivered. - The best protection is to _____________________ until a patch is installed.

13. Results in greater uniformity and better adherence to security policies. It is generally less expensive to administer due to the economies of scale. However - turnaround can be slower due to the lack of alignment with business units.

14. Most effective in providing reasonable assurance of physical access compliance to an unmanned server room controlled with biometric devices.

15. Carries out the technical administration.

16. Most effective in protecting classified data that have been encrypted to prevent disclosure and transmission outside the organization's network.

17. Programs that act without a user's knowledge and deliberately alter a computer's operations

18. To determine sensitivity of assets in terms of risk to the business operation so that proportional countermeasures can be effectively implemented.

19. The BEST justification to convince management to invest in an information security program is that doing so would _________________.

20. Determined by the business risk - i.e. - the potential impact on the business of the loss - corruption or disclosure of information. It must be applied to information in all forms - both electronic and physical (paper) - and should be applied by the

21. Primarily reduce risk and are most effective for the protection of information assets.

22. Lists only the threats that the information asset is exposed to. It does not consider the value of the asset and impact of the threat on the value.

23. __________________________ is of utmost importance. Understanding business objectives is critical in determining the security needs of the organization.

24. New security ulnerabilities should be managed through a ________________.

25. It is more efficient to establish a ___________________for locations that must meet specific requirements.

26. When the ________________ is more than the cost of the risk - the risk should be accepted.

27. Would reduce the possibility of an individual accidentally pressing the power button on a device - thereby turning off the device.

28. The most fundamental evaluation criteria for the appropriate selection of any security technology is ________________________.

29. The job of the information security officer on a management team is to ___________________.

30. Focuses on identifying vulnerabilities.

31. The MOST effective way to ensure network users are aware of their responsibilities to comply with an organization's security requirements is - ______________ would appear every time the user logs on - and the user would be required to read and agree

32. Awareness training would most likely result in any attempted ____________ being challenged by the authorized employee

33. Should PRIMARILY be based on regulatory and legal requirements.

34. Warranted in circumstances where compliance may be difficult or impossible and the risk of noncompliance is outweighed by the benefits.

35. By definition are not previously known and therefore are undetectable.

36. Provides process needs but not impact.

37. An organization without any formal information security program should start with _______________________ because the implementation should be based on those security requirements.

38. Utility program that detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions

39. Someone who uses the internet or network to destroy or damage computers for political reasons

40. Responsible for securing the information.

41. Can be a standalone driver for an information security governance measure. No further analysis nor justification is required since the entity has no choice in the regulatory requirements.

42. ecurity design flaws require a ____________________.

43. The security manager would be most concerned with whether _____________________ than the cost of adding additional controls.

44. A method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form

45. A notice that guarantees a user or a web site is legitimate

46. Should be performed to identify the risk and determine needed controls.

47. Lists only the vulnerabilities inherent in the information asset that can attract threats. It does not consider the value of the asset and the impact of perceived threats on the value.

48. In biometric systems where the possibility of false rejects is a problem - it may be necessary to reduce sensitivity and thereby increase the number of false accepts.

49. When defining the information classification policy - the ___________________ need to be identified.

50. To identify known vulnerabilities based on common misconfigurations and missing updates.