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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Acronyms

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1. Service level management

2. Simple Object Access Protocol

3. Customer relationship management

4. Transmission Control Protocol/User Datagram Protocol

5. Data-oriented system development

6. Hypertext Transmission Protocol

7. Projects in Controlled Environments 2

8. Federal Information Processing Standards

9. Document image processing

10. Distributed computing environment

11. Data warehouse

12. World Wide Web

13. Management information system

14. Gigabyte

15. Modulator/demodulator

16. IT service management

17. Voice-over Internet Protocol

18. Computer-integrated manufacturing

19. Securities and Exchange Commission (USA)

20. Indexed Sequential Access Method

21. Kilo lines of code

22. Integrated test facility

23. Network Control Protocol

24. Simple Network Management Protocol

25. Bank for International Settlements

26. Time-division multiplexing

27. Quality assurance

28. Data Encryption Standard

29. Occupant emergency plan

30. Object Breakdown Structure

31. Distributed denial of service

32. Point-to-point Protocol

33. Binary digit

34. Kilobit

35. File Transfer Protocol

36. Computer-aided system engineering

37. System generation

38. Maintenance out of service

39. Channel service unit/digital service unit

40. Frequency-hopping spread spectrum

41. Capability Maturity Model Integration

42. Chief security officer

43. Initial program load

44. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

45. Information processing facility

46. Hypertext Markup Language

47. Platform for Internet content selection

48. Mandatory Access Control

49. Project Management Institute

50. Programmable Read-Only Memory