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CISSP Physical Security

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1. Space used for wires and cables. Typically an area above dropped ceilings and below raised floors. This location is where fires can easily start.

2. These condition an electrical line to keep voltage steady and clean.

3. Type of light that is activated when a motion sensor (or some other IDS) is activated?

4. Fire suppressant that reduces the temperature of the fire?

5. This refers to the portion of the environment that is in focus when shown on a monitor. This increases as the size of the lens opening decreases - the subject distance increases - or the focal length of the lens decreases.

6. Type of window that is stronger than standard glass and acrylic windows - but produces a toxic gas if burned.

7. These need to have shutoff valves and positive drains (substance flows out instead of in).

8. Prolonged loss of power

9. These are threats to what? Interruption of services - theft - physical damage - unauthorized disclosure - and loss of system integrity.

10. This concept combines the physical environment and sociology issues that surround it to reduce crime rates and the fear of crime.

11. These should go all the way up to the true ceiling. Otherwise - an intruded can remove a ceiling tile and climb over this into a critical portion of the facility.

12. What should dust and other air contaminants be kept to an appropriate level?

13. This is a colorless - odorless - and potentially lethal substance because it removes oxygen from the air in order to suppress fires.

14. This gas is no longer available because it depletes the ozone. Becomes toxic in temperatures greater than 900 degrees F in concentrations greater than 10%. Existing fire extinguishers can be refilled with FM-200 - NAF-S-III - CEA-410 - FE-13 - Water

15. This type of water system delays the water release similar to a dry pipe system. However - the water is not released until a thermal-fusible link on the sprinkler head has melted. Typically used in only in data processing environments rather than a w

16. Class of fire that is combustible metals (magnesium - sodium - potassium). Suppressed with dry powder.

17. If an electrical supply fails and a door defaults to closed and locked - which mode is this?

18. What is used to measure humidity levels?

19. These are usually planned and implemented by power companies when they are experiencing high demand.

20. Type of fence that uses 3/8 inch mesh and 11 gauge wiring

21. This power source is used in day-to-day operations.

22. The estimated time it will take to repair a device and get it back into production

23. Type of task that identifies how data flows through the company. Lists all pieces of an environment and how they interact. Redundant paths should be shown.

24. This type of water system always contains water in the pipes and are usually controlled by temperature control level sensors.

25. Type of iris lens that would be used in an area of fixed lighting.

26. This type of lock is a basic padlock with a spring loaded bolt with a notch cut in it. Cheapest lock - because of their lack of any real sophistication - and also the easiest to pick.

27. This is when unauthorized access is achieved to a facility via another individual's legitimate access - and is a common concern with physical security.

28. NIST standard that says critical areas should be illuminated 8 feet high - and use this unit that represents the illumination power of an individual light?

29. Prolonged high voltage power loss

30. Type of IDS that uses microphones installed on floors - walls - or ceilings to detect any should made during a forced entry. Can be subject to a large amount of false positives.

31. Type of IDS that generates a pattern that is sent over a sensitive area and reflected back to a receiver.

32. This type of noise is disturbance imposed on a power line that causes electrical interference.

33. This is used to deter trespassing and to enable people to enter a facility through a few controlled entrances.

34. These can be user activated (action needs to be taken by a user) or system sensing (no action needs to be taken by the user)

35. Class of fire that is liquid (petroleum - coolants). Suppressed with gas - CO2 - form - dry powders.

36. These need to be able to hold the necessary load and provide the required fire rating.

37. Type of window that contains glass that was heated and cooled to improve integrity and strength?

38. When should the following items be evaluated? Local crime - natural disaster possibilities - distance to hospitals - police - fire stations - airports - and railroads.

39. What documentation should be readily available and periodically reviewed and updated.

40. Type of light that provides an even amount of light across an area?

41. Type of fence that will protect a top level security area?

42. Type of fence that uses 1 inch mesh and 11 gauge wiring

43. This should be clearly marked - and security guards should be trained how to identify when these items leave the facility in an improper manner.

44. These reduce the accidental discharge of water because the water does not enter the pipes until an automatic fire sensor indicates there is an actual fire. Should be used in location with freezing temperatures.

45. These controls help minimize the resulting damage and speed the recovery process

46. Tokens used in physical security to authentication subjects?

47. The last line of defense in physical security?

48. This is a proximity identification device that does not require action by the user. The reader transmits signals to the device - and the device responds with an access code.

49. Concept of installing lighting to be directed towards where potential intruders would be coming from. Example - entrance to military base with bright lights pointing outward to entrance.

50. This can be costly and unsightly - but can provide crowd control and help control access to the facility.