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CISSP Security Architecture And Design

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1. Based on the Bell-LaPadula Security model - and evidence of reference monitor enforcement must be available.

2. For a subject to have read access to an object in a Multi-Level Security Policy - it is necessary that the subject's sensitivity label must ____________________.

3. If a system initializes in a secure state and all allowed state transitions are secure - the every subsequent state will be secure no matter what inputs occur.

4. The group that oversees the processes of evaluation within TCSEC is?

5. The combination of RAM - Cache and the Processor Registers

6. The reference monitor - in accordance with the security policy - ____________ that are made in the access control database.

7. The Availability - Integrity and confidentiality requirements of multitasking operating systems

8. Reference Monitor is responsible for ______________ it compares the security labels of a subject and an object

9. The subject must have Need to Know for ONLY the information they are trying to access.

10. A logical form of separation used by secure computing systems - Processes are _____________ so that each cannot access objects outside its permitted domain

11. What model use an access control triples and requires that the system maintain separation of duty ?

12. Which would be designated as objects on a MAC system?

13. There is only only one class in Division D. Reserved for systems that have been evaluated but fail to meet the criteria and requirements of the higher divisions.

14. TCB contains The Security Kernel and all ______________.

15. Which computer design approaches is based on the fact that in earlier technologies - the instruction fetch was the longest part of the cycle

16. Operating System Kernel

17. Discretionary protection

18. To ensure that the Trusted Computing Base is not tampered with during shipment or installation.

19. Configuration management is also defined in the Orange Book BUT As a _____________________ and NOT an operational assurance requirement.

20. Subjects and Objects cannot change their security levels once they have been instantiated (created)

21. The type of environment that would require A1 systems is the most secure of secure environments. It deals with top-secret information and cannot adequately trust anyone using the systems without strict authentication - restrictions and auditing.

22. In B1 the security policy is based on Informal statement and the design specifications are reviewed and verified where as in B2 the ___________________ - and the system design and implementation are subject to more thorough review and testing procedu

23. The *-Property rule is refered to as ____________.

24. B1 is the ___________________ of the Trusted Network Interpretation (TNI) or TCSEC that offers labeled security protection.

25. Succesfully Evaluated products are placed on?

26. The Bell-LaPadula Model is a _______________ that enforces Confidentiality aspect of access control. Formed by David Bell and Leonard LaPadula.

27. In access control terms - the word "dominate" refers to ___________.

28. A domain of trust that shares a single security policy and single management

29. Includes the security kernel as well as other security-related system functions that are within the boundary of the trusted computing base. System elements that are outside of the security perimeter need not be trusted.

30. The Biba model (introduced in 1977) - The Sutherland model (published in 1986) - The Brewer-Nash model (published in 1989)

31. When a computer uses more than one CPU in parallel to execute instructions is known as?

32. TCSEC provides a means to evaluate ______________________.

33. When the RAM and secondary storage are combined the result is __________.

34. According to the Orange Book - trusted facility management is not required for which security levels?

35. n this class more granularity is provided in each protection mechanism - and the programming code that is not necessary to support the security policy is excluded.

36. When a computer spends more time moving data from one small portion of memory to another THAN Actually processing the data

37. Ssoftware that is stored within ROM (Read-Only Memory) - (ROM is nonvolatile)

38. A channel within a computer system or network that is designed for the authorized transfer of information is identified as a(n)?

39. Should always trace to individuals responsible for observing and recording the data

40. Which increases the performance in a computer by overlapping the steps of different instructions?

41. In B2 Subjects and devices requre labels and the system must NOT allow ________. No Trapdoors exists.

42. Bell-LaPadula Model - ____________ : A subject at a given security level can NOT READ data that reside at a higher security level.

43. The reference monitor is an access control concept - Referring to ________________ that mediates all accesses to objects by subjects based on information in an access control database.

44. If an operating system permits executable objects to be used sequentially by multiple users without a refresh of the objects - what security problem is most likely to exist?

45. What is called the formal acceptance of the adequacy of a system's overall security by management?

46. In both the Bell-LaPadula and Biba Models if the word "Simple is used ______________.

47. The Security Model Incorporates the ____________ that should be enforced in the system.

48. Trusted facility management is an assurance requirement only for ________________.

49. The Biba Model - _____________: A subject cannot read data from a lower Integrity level " No Read Down"

50. In the Bell-LaPadula Model the Object's Label contains ___________________.