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CLEP College Algebra: Functions

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1. What is a function?

2. What shape is the standard quadratic function?

3. What is the formula for an absolute value function?

4. Two vertical lines side by side are a symbol for what

5. Standard absolute value - vertical shift formulas for positve and negative

6. What points do you use to plot the inverse on a graph?

7. Standard absolute value - horizontal shift formulas for left and right

8. y=f(cx) - what does this formula represent?

9. Of the seven of algebra's common graph's how many are odd?

10. how many ranges can you have for each domain?

11. (1 -5)(2 -5)(3 -5)(4 -5) - is this a function?

12. Draw or discuss a constant function

13. Which direction does f(x-c) move

14. What is a constant function?

15. 4x+5x=8x is what type of an equation?

16. What is slope?

17. How are functions normally written?

18. What is the vertex?

19. x= a real number is what type of equation?

20. Is an absolute value function even - odd or neither?

21. What is the domain and range of a constant function?

22. What are the calculator instructions for the standard cubic function?

23. x=no real numbers is what type of an equation?

24. What are two examples of composit functions?

25. What is the slope of a perpendicular line?

26. What is the point slope formula and when do you use it?

27. y^2+x=4 is this a function? Why?

28. What is the domain of the cube root function?

29. What is the range of the cube root function?

30. A flat line underlining one vertical line is a symbol for

31. Repair bill for a boat is $1 -603. $532 is for parts and it's $63 per hour for labor. How many hours does it take to fix the boat and what is x?

32. Camera sales price $276 and that is 40% off - what is the original sale price? What does x =?

33. what is the letter used to represent slope?

34. What is the range of an identity function?

35. y=f(cx) what does this formula represent?

36. What is the formula in both horizontal stretching and horizontal shrinking?

37. What are the calculator instructions for a square root function?

38. what can never equal zero in the slope formula and why?

39. What does the average rate of change formula solve?

40. What are the four steps for solving a linear equation?

41. What is the formula for to calculate the difference of a quotient function?

42. What is the range for an absolute value function?

43. What does the graph of the cube root function look like on the graph?

44. Outline the piece wise function and explain it? if the base plan is $20 and each minute over one hour is .40 cents?

45. how many domains can you have pointing to one range?

46. What is the range of a square root function?

47. What is the line called that illustrates the straight line between the two points when showing average rate of change?

48. When is the only time (-infinity - +infinity) is not the domain?

49. {(1 -4)(2 -6)(3 -9)} what numbers are the domain?

50. Is the standard cubic function odd - even or neither?