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CLEP General Mathematics: Geometry

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1. An angle in a circle formed by two chords with a common endpoint

2. The author / editor of 'The Elements'

3. Two lines in the same plane that extend infinitely in both directions and never intersect - coplanar lines that do not intersect - lines in a plane that never intersect.

4. The angle formed by the legs of an isosceles triangle

5. An arc that measures less than 180 degrees

6. A point that divides a segment into two congruent segments

7. Coplanar lines that do not intersect

8. A segment from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side

9. A polygon with n sides

10. A line that intersects a (coplanar) circle at exactly one point

11. An angle in a circle formed by two radii.

12. The common endpoint of the rays of an angle

13. The length of the altitude

14. A line that intersects a circle in two points

15. An undefined two-dimensional figure

16. A triangle with one obtuse angle

17. One-quarter of a complete revolution - a quarter of the circumference of a circle - an angle that measures 90 degrees.

18. Shows a location -

19. The longest side of a right triangle

20. A structure that is used to support weight from above.

21. 15 sided polygon

22. The only space figure on the game board; it has six equal square faces.

23. A point that divides a line segment into two equal parts.

24. A surface generated by rotating a parallel line segment around a fixed line

25. A = LW (L = length - W = width).

26. The set of all coplanar points that are the same distance from a given point

27. Area of a circle x height of cylinder - pi x r*2 x height.

28. A statement that contains the phrase 'if and only if'.

29. A nine-sided polygon

30. Equiangular quadrilateral

31. A quadrilateral with 2 sets of parallel sides not at right angles to one another.

32. All angles are congruent

33. One of the line segments that makes a polygon

34. No equal sides - a triangle with no two sides of equal length - no congruent sides - A triangle with three sides of different lengths.

35. A term used to describe two numbers having the same value

36. The rays forming the angle - Rays that make up an angle - The two rays that meet at a vertex to create an angle.

37. Swiss mathematician (1707-1783). He is known for his prolific output and the fact that he continued to produce seminal results even after going blind. He invented graph theory with the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem and introduced the modern not

38. A piece of a line using A and B as endpoints - part of a line with two endpoints - A part of a line between two endpoints.

39. Having the same size and shape

40. Lines in the same plane that never intersect.

41. Not convex

42. Two angles that lie between the two parallel lines on opposite sides of the transversal.

43. A statement that can be written in if-then form

44. The common endpoint of two sides of the polygon

45. A segment that bisects an angle of the triangle and has one endpoint at a vertex of the triangle and the other endpoint at another point on the triangle.

46. A=?r

47. Six sided polygon

48. The point that is the same distance from all the points on the circle

49. The angles opposite the legs of an isosceles triangle.

50. Lines in the same plane that intersect.