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Cloud Computing

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1. The process of transferring all or part of your storage needs to the internet

2. A company that provides cloud-based platform & infrastructure & applications or storage services to to other organization and/or individuals - usually for a fee.

3. Designed to offer the same features and benefits of cloud systems but removes a number of objections to the cloud computing model including control over enterprise and customer data or worries about security and issues connected to regulatory compli

4. Computer infrastructure such as virtualization being delivered as a service - e.g. Virtual datacenter

5. Combination of virtual machines that appear to function as one

6. A set of routines & protocols and tools for building software applications

7. A combinationof public cloud storage and private cloud storage where some critical data resides in the enterprise's private cloud while other data is stored and accessible from a public cloud storage provider

8. A computer operating system that is specially designed to run in a provider's data center and be be delivered to the user over the internet or another network e.g. Windows Azure or Google Chrome OS

9. Five general characteristics of cloud computing: on-demand self-service - broad network access - ________ - rapid elasticity - measured service

10. An option which allows users to rent physical servers along with administrative services as needed- aka dedicated server or managed hosting service.

11. A software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a web based service - E.g. Salesforce.com

12. Three concerns about cloud computing: privacy - security and ______

13. The type of cloud deployment you choose may be directly related to ____

14. Facilitates deployment of applications - the operating system and associated services is delivered as a service over the Internet - e.g. Google App Engine

15. A type of Internet-based computing where different services are delivered to organizations and individuals through the internet

16. A cloud that refers to a public space on transmission lines that exists between the end points of a transmission. Data that is transmitted across WAN enters the network from one end point using a standard protocol suite such as frame relay and then e

17. set of standards by SEC that specifies types of records that must be kept and for how long

18. A network system that can start with just a few nodes and easily expand to thousands - only pay for what you use

19. Need services of one provider to work with services of another provider - e.g. middleware

20. Online photo storage programs like Flickr.com are example of ________