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Club Management 101

Subject : hospitality
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1. A private country club committee composed of club members Who establish golf course policy - review golf course budgets and operations - and oversee the care of the golf course.

2. A typically non-refundable charge that new members must pay to jion a private club

3. Payroll - operational supplies - food cost - taxes & insurance - beverage cost

4. A private equity firm that manages a wide variety of clubs and resorts across the country.

5. Meal time clubs whose sole purpose is to entice business in the surrounding areas. usually located in large buildings.

6. Usually no affiliation with other clubs other than it's members enjoy each others company

7. A private organization that employ professional management to operate and manage their facilities. these clubs are yacht - fraternal - millitary

8. Active - social - recreational - clergy - lifetime

9. The cost to a private club member for the exclusivity provided by the club's limited membership. membership dues subsodize all of the club's operating costs and fixed charges.

10. A non-profit private club whose members buy shares in the club and - after expenses have been paid - invest any revenues leftover into improving the club's facilities and services.

11. A one time or periodic charge imposed on private club members to cover operational shortfalls or raise capitol for improvements to the club

12. A fee that country club's charge members an visitors for using the club's recreational facilities

13. A for profit private club owned by an individual or a company that sells memberships in the club. also known as a developer or proprietary club.

14. Often have recreational facilities - fitness equipment - sports and leisure activities.

15. Dues - f&b - sports - other

16. An association club run by professional management that often leases or owns property. these clubs are formed by people with the same goals or experiences

17. Cheif Operating Officer

18. Clubs for people who are in the same profession.

19. The hired professional responsible for guiding all of the elements of a private club's operation. Often fererred to as the club's general manager or cheif operating officer.

20. Resident - non -resident - suburban

21. Charges to non-members of a private club who are guests of membersand use rooms - buy food or beverages - or use the recreational facilities.

22. Located near large bodies of water and provides marinas and other boating facilities for owners.

23. A private recreational and social facility for individuals and families who live in the surrounding area

24. An urban recreational and social facility that can be categorized as athletic - dining - professional - social or university.

25. Clubs formed by active and non-active duty and non-commissioned officers in the armed services.