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Cobit Framework

Subjects : certifications, cobit
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1. Monitor and evaluate internal control

2. Determine technological direction

3. Manage IT human resources

4. Define IT processes - organization and relationships

5. Define the information architecture

6. Educate and train users

7. Acquire and Implement (7)

8. Manage the IT investment

9. Provide IT governance

10. Manage changes

11. Manage the configuration

12. Manage projects

13. Ensure continuous service

14. Manage performance and capacity

15. Define a strategic IT plan

16. Procure IT resources

17. Manage problems

18. Manage third party services

19. Ensure system security

20. Communicate management aims and direction

21. Identify and allocate costs

22. Manage the physical environment

23. Manage data

24. Acquire and maintain technology infrastructure

25. Ensure compliance with external requirements

26. Plan and Organize (10)

27. Monitor and Evaluate (4)

28. Enable operation and use

29. Define and manage service levels

30. Assess and manage IT risks

31. Install and accredit solutions and changes

32. Manage quality

33. Monitor and evaluate IT performance

34. Acquire and maintain application software

35. Identify automated solutions

36. Manage operations

37. Manage service desks and incidents

38. Deliver and Support (13)