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1. A data encryption technology used for securing data transmitted over the Internet.

2. Aka Fast Ethernet.

3. A single-sided - single-layer digital versatile disc (DVD) that stores 4.7 GB of data - or over two hours of video.

4. A type of solid-state storage that is portable - about the size of a flattened thumb - and usually has a USB interface. Also called a flash drive or jump drive.

5. A virtual tunnel created between two endpoints over an untrusted network. The tunnel is created by encapsulating the packets within special packets for the tunnel. Other security methods are also usually applied to a VPN - such as encrypting the data

6. Aka access control entry.

7. An external serial bus standardized by the IEEE. Apple first developed it as FireWire. Other manufacturers call it i.link or Lynx. It can support up to 63 daisy-chained devices. Since the introduction of the faster update - IEEE 1394b - the original

8. A type of arithmetic logic unit (ALU) that is used to perform specialized functions - such as division and large decimal number operations. Also called a math coprocessor.

9. Aka nickel metal hydride.

10. Light waves in the infrared spectrum.

11. In a computer - pathways that power - data - and control signals travel from one component to another within the system.

12. A type of printer that uses a film coated with colored wax that melts onto paper. These printers are similar to dye-sublimation printers but differ in two major ways: the film contains wax rather than dye - and these printers do not require special p

13. An improved version of WPA that does not support older network cards and offers both secure authentication and data encryption. It uses EAP for a variety of authentication methods

14. An assigned address or range of addresses on a system's address bus that - together with an interrupt request line (IRQ) - allows a device to be recognized by the processor.

15. A firewall consisting of software that you can install on any computer - as opposed to the software built into a hardware firewall. Also called personal firewalls because they are designed to be installed on individual desktop computers.

16. A value assigned to a process that controls the order in which the program code is executed in relation to other code.

17. A small group of computers communicating wirelessly with one another without the use of a centralized wireless access point (WAP).

18. A file used during an unattended installation of Windows. It provides a script of responses to the questions Setup asks so the user does not have to answer them manually.

19. The component that provides power for all components on the motherboard and internal to the PC case. Also called a power supply unit (PSU).

20. Aka Secure Digital (SD) Card.

21. The location where a cable attaches to a computer. Alternatively - a connector on a motherboard for memory - CPUs - power - or other circuitry.

22. A file attribute assigned to a file by the operating system to identify it as a system file.

23. Aka enhanced capabilities port (ECP) mode.

24. A riser card standard that AMD - 3Com - and others introduced in 2000 to supersede AMR. It uses one PCI slot - provides accelerated audio and modem functions as well as networking - and supports multiple Ethernet NICs.

25. An early international standard for sending voice and data over digital telephone wires. ISDN uses existing telephone circuits or higher-speed conditioned lines to get speeds of either 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps. ISDN lines also have the ability to carry vo

26. The language of Web pages. Web designers use the HTML language to create Web page code - which your Web browser converts into the pages you view on your screen.

27. A wireless network standard that defines speeds of up to 600 Mbps. It is downward-compatible with 802.11a - 802.11b - and 802.11g.

28. A group of networking standards created by the IEEE 802.3 subcommittee.

29. Microsoft's product activation program.

30. An automated software installation that does not require a person be present to respond to prompts for information.

31. In the Windows GUI - a horizontal bar normally positioned across the bottom of the desktop containing a Start button - the Quick Launch toolbar - buttons for running programs - and at the far right - the notification area. Sometimes called the Start

32. Aka continuity RIMM.

33. A security feature introduced in Windows Vista to prevent unauthorized changes to Windows.

34. In a laptop - a compartment that holds a single media device that is switchable with another.

35. In a laser printer - a metal drum with an electro-photosensitive coating to which a charge can be applied by a laser beam.

36. A type of printer that uses one of several technologies to apply wet ink to paper to create text or graphic printouts. The two most popular inkjet printer models are the InkJet - developed by Hewlett-Packard - and the Bubble Jet - developed by Canon.

37. Also called striping with distributed parity or striping with interleave parity - this RAID method involves a set of disks in which every time data is written to disk - a portion is written to each disk in turn - creating a "stripe" of data across th

38. A power supply that detects the incoming voltage and switches to accept either 120 or 240 VAC.

39. An assigned channel over which a device can send a signal to the processor to get its attention.

40. A drive on a computer that can play music CDs and read data CDs - but cannot write to CDs.

41. An interface standard developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - it is used for both internal and external hard drives and optical drives as well as devices such as printers - modems - scanners - and many other peripherals.

42. Local area networking using radio waves that includes several implementations based on the IEEE 802.11 group of standards.

43. Aka antistatic mat.

44. A Web browser created by Microsoft.

45. The signal in a television transmission that contains the color of the image.

46. A tool used to create and manage a distribution share and various installation images.

47. A cell phone with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) functions built in.

48. Unsolicited messages sent over an instant messaging service - such as Windows Messenger.

49. A device that takes video output and projects it onto a screen for viewing by a larger audience.

50. In an operating system GUI - a tiny graphic representing an application - folder - disk - menu item - or other entity.