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Concepts Of Engineering

Subject : engineering
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1. Which of the following envolves forming a hypothesis?

2. Which of the following always involves a method or process?

3. What is the type of friction that all objects encounter as they move through the air called?

4. Computing power increases exponentially.

5. What was the most important technological development of the Stone Age?.

6. Never do any drilling that will go through the bottom of your piece without having a ______ _____ underneath.

7. An engineer should use the ___________ to write down every idea - drawing - computation/calculation - observation - meeting notes/class notes - questions/answers - and interactions with other people or organizations.

8. What was the most important technological development of the Bronze Age?

9. Development of weapons a major driver of technological development

10. Engineers should keep their EN up to date and have it _______ often by anyone.

11. It provides a clear definition of what the public has a right to expect for responsible engineers.

12. When adding text to a presentation - include ____ per slide.

13. Newton's Third Law of Motion states...

14. True/False. The drill bit should be mounted securely in the center of the chuck.

15. The first foremost obligation of registered professional engineers is to...

16. Economics - environmental - and ethical

17. They develop ways to create chemicals such as gases - rubber - plastics - and detergents - and perform tests throughout the production of chemicals.

18. What is information written down from a particular meeting?

19. Any condition where there is a reasonable certainty that a danger exists that can be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately or before the danger can be eliminated through normal enforcement procedures.

20. Technology is the __________ of tools and methods: the study - development - and application of devices - machines - and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes.

21. Registered professional engineers should undertake services for clients only when...

22. When did we first see organized religion?

23. The most important consideration when making a CO2 race car is?

24. The correction of the safety or health hazard/violation that led to an OSHA citation.

25. They supervise or look over technicians - technologists - or other engineers. They can debug robotics programs - design end- of- arm tooling - and help with implementing automation.

26. The procedures for correcting unsafe or unhealthful working conditions - including a follow up to the extent necessary to determine whether a correction was made.

27. Where would the performance of an item be categorized?

28. Document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention?

29. Developed during the Industrial Revolution.

30. Newton's Second Law of Motion states....

31. What is the margin of safety for the Drill Press?

32. When was the printing press developed?

33. In which of the following would you build a prototype?

34. What is the margin of safety for the Band Saw?

35. When did solid waste disposal become a problem?

36. Do not cut _____ shaped stock without using some type of holding device or Vblock.

37. Which of the following is an example of solid waste?

38. Large drill bits should run at a _______ speed.

39. Primary federal law which governs occupational health and safety in the private sector and federal government in the United States.

40. Should long hair and loose clothing be secured before using the drill press?

41. The stock should be held firmly on the what?

42. Being concerned with standards - rules - or guidelines for morally or socially approved conduct.

43. What are the guidelines for the Engineering Notebook?

44. If the bit gets stuck - wait for the machine to _________ ______ before removing your material from the bit.

45. Mankind began to domesticate animals

46. National Institute of Engineering Ethics.

47. Small drill bits should run at a _____ speed.

48. That is the best way responsible engineers behave.

49. Can be Mathematical formula - mini repesentation - simplified system.

50. What are design limitations?