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Concepts Of Engineering

Subject : engineering
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1. That is the best way responsible engineers behave.

2. It provides a clear definition of what the public has a right to expect for responsible engineers.

3. What is information written down from a particular meeting?

4. They may train users to use new equipment - recommend purchase of equipment to control dust - temperature - and humidity in an area of system installation. Also - they advise customer of maintenance of software systems.

5. Any condition where there is a reasonable certainty that a danger exists that can be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately or before the danger can be eliminated through normal enforcement procedures.

6. A compliance safety and health officer who conducts workplace inspection without advance notice.

7. Which of the following is an alloy of iron and carbon?

8. The stock should be held firmly on the what?

9. Being concerned with standards - rules - or guidelines for morally or socially approved conduct.

10. A series of photographic images

11. They examine blueprints - costs - and other technicalities in designing a structure.

12. An engineer should use the ___________ to write down every idea - drawing - computation/calculation - observation - meeting notes/class notes - questions/answers - and interactions with other people or organizations.

13. Small drill bits should run at a _____ speed.

14. What are design limitations?

15. They develop ways to create chemicals such as gases - rubber - plastics - and detergents - and perform tests throughout the production of chemicals.

16. What is an allowable product size deviation called?

17. National Institute of Engineering Ethics.

18. They conduct research and try to find solutions to nuclear energy problems. They also design electronics and machines.

19. What are mutual or reciprocal actions or influences?

20. Which of the following is almost identified as a thing?

21. A situation that poses a level of threat to life - health - property - - or environment.

22. Which of the following envolves forming a hypothesis?

23. Should long hair and loose clothing be secured before using the drill press?

24. A specific action taken to correct a condition in the workplace that is in violation - within the time set forth in the OSHA Notice of Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions cited by the CSHO.

25. A series of graphical images.

26. They may set up - design - and maintain equipment. They may make sure electrical equipment is within regulations - and they can prepare specifications for purchase.

27. What was the most important technological development of the Stone Age?.

28. Technology is the __________ of tools and methods: the study - development - and application of devices - machines - and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes.

29. Can be Mathematical formula - mini repesentation - simplified system.

30. Do not cut _____ shaped stock without using some type of holding device or Vblock.

31. They usually work in labs or industrial plants. They work with lab equipment - large data bases - and with prosthetics and other artificial organs.

32. Newton's Third Law of Motion states...

33. What was the most important technological development of the Bronze Age?

34. What did the rule of law allow for?

35. Economics - environmental - and ethical

36. What is the type of friction that all objects encounter as they move through the air called?

37. Newton's First Law of Motion states...

38. What is the margin of safety for the Drill Press?

39. Use of Computers to design and test cars

40. Large drill bits should run at a _______ speed.

41. A person's behavior is always ethical when he or she...

42. The most important consideration when making a CO2 race car is?

43. What is the formula for force?

44. What is the result of an act - or of acts - of observing; view; reflection; conclusion; judgment?

45. What is the type of friction due to the mechanical components of the wheel and axle rubbing and the wheel to ground contact points called?

46. They supervise or look over technicians - technologists - or other engineers. They can debug robotics programs - design end- of- arm tooling - and help with implementing automation.

47. Text - sound - video - animation.

48. model of what the product will look like called?

49. Developed during the Industrial Revolution.

50. Never do any drilling that will go through the bottom of your piece without having a ______ _____ underneath.