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Cooking Vegetables And Fruits

Subject : cooking
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1. Vegetable with broad leaves that range from dark green to pale green

2. Fruit with a natural growing season taking place in the winter months

3. Vegetable that has a single root that extends into the ground and provides nutrients to the part of the plant that exists above ground

4. Fruit that has a central pit enclosing a single seed - such as cherry - peach - apricot

5. Finish in which a small amount of honey - sugar - or maple syrup is added to the vegetable - coating it and giving it a sheen as it heats

6. Type of peach whose flesh sticks to the pit

7. Enzyme in some fruits that causes cut fruit to turn brown once inside flesh is exposed to air

8. Orange - yellow - red-orange - or red pigment in vegetables and fruits

9. Grading standards developed for fresh and canned fruits and vegetables by the USDA

10. Organ that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant and contains one or more seeds

11. Method used to process food into a smooth pulp

12. Fruit that originates in tropical locations

13. Type of peach with flesh that separates easily from pit

14. Large groups of plants ranging from single-celled organisms to giant mushrooms

15. Vegetable sauce made from a puree of vegetables or fruit that can be served hot or cold

16. Japanese breaded and deep-fried vegetable

17. Herbaceous plant that can be partially or wholly eaten; has little or no woody tissue

18. French term for raw vegetables served as relish

19. Chemical reaction that causes certain fruits to turn dark once the inside flesh is exposed to air

20. Colorless or white pigment in vegetables and fruits

21. Middle eastern eggplant dip

22. Fleshly root or stem of a plant - such as a potato - that is able to grow into a new plant

23. Vegetable in which seed - and / or pod of the plant is eaten

24. Vegetable in which the fibrous plant stem is eaten

25. Fruit with a natural growing season taking place during the summer months

26. Natural form of sugar found in fruit and vegetable

27. Technique that involves growing vegetables in nutrient-enriched water rather than in soil

28. Vegetables the develop from the ovary of a flowering plant and contain one or more seeds

29. Substance that gives a food its color

30. Green pigment in vegetables and fruits

31. Natural agent in fruits that causes them to ripen

32. Vegetable in which the flower and the attached stem of the plant are eaten

33. Red or purple pigment in vegetables and fruits