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Criminal Justice 101

Subject : law
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1. What does a mitigating factor make the report?

2. What major 1829 English law created a centralized urban police force in London?

3. Jail time - restitution - contact restrictions - drug testing - searches and seizures - employment verification - and counseling can be terms of what?

4. What two types of employees do law enforcement agencies employ?

5. What type of hearing does a felony case go to after arrangement?

6. What is the most important C or level of the criminal justice system?

7. This country's criminal justice system is based on the desire for what kind of system?

8. What are the four main players in the criminal justice system?

9. What was the name of the article which encouraged law enforcement not just to focus on crime - but the social factors of crime?

10. What are the two general characteristics evident among most law enforcement agencies?

11. How many states use the death penalty?

12. What two additional branches of government did the Constitution add to government?

13. What is an offense that consists of illegal conduct but no jail time?

14. What are small law enforcement agencies often made up of?

15. How many cases go to the local court level each year?

16. How many states have State Courts of Appeals?

17. What is a local law enforcement agency's head administrator?

18. What 1865 federal law enforcement agency was initially responsible for excessive counterfeiting following the civil war?

19. What is another term for informal probation?

20. The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement agency in this country at what level?

21. What is the State Court System's court of last resort?

22. In which two locations did the actual shooting war begin between British soldiers and Colonial militia men?

23. What are state Courts of Appeals also called?

24. What are the two main functions of criminal courts?

25. What crimes is the death penalty used for?

26. State Troopers are what level of law enforcement?

27. How long is a federal judge's term of office for?

28. In Orange County - what type of prosecuting attorneys handle the day to day issues in the court room?

29. Both Trial Courts fall under what 'umbrella' Court System?

30. What was created in order to convince several of the new states to agree to the Constitution?

31. What court system was the same up until the period of the Civil War?

32. What legal model first attempted the concept of rehabilitation and resocialization?

33. What Penal Code section states that the court shall refer to probation for a report?

34. After the U.S. Constitution was ratified - what type of court system did the U.S. realize it needed to have?

35. According to Hammurabi - what age was considered as the cut off between juveniles and adults?

36. Who said - 'The police are the public and the public are the police'?

37. What hearing has evidence presented and witnesses testify?

38. What is the average budget of a local law enforcement agency?

39. What is the Latin term that means evil or bad in itself?

40. What does the Court of Appeals not possess?

41. What constitutional amendments were alluded to in Miranda versus Arizona?

42. What English king was responsible for generating the concept of the Magna Carta?

43. From 1789 to 1799 how was the U.S. Supreme Court?

44. What important corrections position was mandated in Massachusetts in 1878?

45. What Latin term means - 'father or parent of the country?'

46. Stare Decisis has evolved into what concept?

47. Who was the Supreme Court's third chief justice - credited with making the court more proactive - effective - and powerful?

48. The Kansas City Patrol Experiment and Flint - Michigan Patrol Program motivated police to try what new procedures?

49. How many chief justice and associate justices currently make up the U.S. Supreme Court?

50. What percent of the time are deals makes and cases do not go to trial?