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Criminal Justice 101

Subject : law
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1. What is the name for a felony complaint?

2. What is the most important thing that a probation officer does in the presentence court report?

3. What does an aggravating factor make the report?

4. What does O.R. mean?

5. The Kansas City Patrol Experiment and Flint - Michigan Patrol Program motivated police to try what new procedures?

6. Where does the U.S. Supreme Court hear cases from?

7. Where are the vast majority of cases heard?

8. What type of hearing does a felony case go to after arrangement?

9. What penal code section is used to waive time lines during a trial?

10. In which two locations did the actual shooting war begin between British soldiers and Colonial militia men?

11. When pleading guilty at a felony arrangement - what does the judge generally do for sentencing?

12. What are the three duties of Deputy Probation officers in the court room?

13. Does a county law enforcement agency head administrator generally require law enforcement experience?

14. What is the legal term for fundamental fairness?

15. What is the Latin term that literally means - 'to adhere to what has come before'?

16. What was created in order to convince several of the new states to agree to the Constitution?

17. For a felony matter to leave a Trial Court of Limited Jurisdiction - what special hearing must it go to?

18. How many states use the death penalty?

19. Who was the Supreme Court's third chief justice - credited with making the court more proactive - effective - and powerful?

20. What is a trial where there is no jury and the verdict is given by the judge?

21. What is the first hearing or court appearance for all cases?

22. Who runs the N.C.I.C.?

23. According to Hammurabi - what age was considered as the cut off between juveniles and adults?

24. What are the two parts of the Constitution called?

25. What is the name of our criminal justice system that is made up of both federal and state levels?

26. In Orange County - what is the misdemeanor Pretrial Hearing called?

27. Which of the five major phases in the criminal justice system since 1965 produced major case law?

28. In 1789 which London magistrate stressed the need for a 'centralized' law enforcement agency?

29. What are the five levels of law enforcement in this country?

30. The average local law enforcement agency will often employ how many officers and serve what size population?

31. How many chief justice and associate justices currently make up the U.S. Supreme Court?

32. What is an offense that consists of illegal conduct but no jail time?

33. What 1770 shooting incident heightened tensions between Boston colonists and newly arrived British soldiers?

34. What concept attempts to alter future behaviors through threats of punishment and consequences?

35. What federal law enforcement agency delegated peace officer powers to citizens during the era of the wild west?

36. The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement agency in this country at what level?

37. What type of bodies do our current laws come from?

38. What types of law enforcement agency is influenced by federal and territorial sovereignty?

39. The Reintegration Model - circa 1960s - failed due to community concern over leniency toward criminals and what two major social events?

40. What major 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case provided new guidelines in how police arrested and interrogated adult defendants?

41. When there is a supposed legal error or discrepancy with a case - what type of hearing does it go to?

42. What amendment discusses protection from unreasonable searches?

43. What law enforcement agency maintains the largest training academy in the U.S.?

44. What court system was the same up until the period of the Civil War?

45. After the Bill of Rights was ratified - how many more times was the U.S. Constitution amended?

46. What is the Latin term that means an act being wrong because of customs - morals - practices - regulation - or law?

47. What are the three branches of government enchanced or created by the U.S. Constitution?

48. What 1838 Ohio State Supreme Court Case established the concept of Parens Patriae and no need for due process in juvenile matters?

49. What English king circa 1154 A.D. sent representatives out to the eight English 'regions' in order to organize some type of common law?

50. What Penal Code section states that the court shall refer to probation for a report?