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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Type of notebook comp that is smaller and less powerful than a normal notebook comp

2. Searches for and removes unneccessary files

3. Magnetoresistive ram- stores data using magnetic charges not electrical. Retains contents after power is out

4. When online meetings take place on the web

5. DoS attack is an assult whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or email

6. A server that you connect to to start a chat session.

7. (laptop computer) portable personal computer often able to fit in your lap

8. Users prefer to download or transfer a copy of the images from the digital camera to the computers hard disk

9. Allows you to insert and remove flash memory and other devoces while the computer is running (flash memory)

10. A type of system software that allows users to perform maintenence type tasks

11. A device that enables you to join a port and a connector that are both male or female

12. Transmits data via infared light waves.. Both computer and device must have the port for it to work

13. When turning on a computer that has been turned off completly

14. A rectangular opeining that typically holds disk drives.

15. A know specific pattern of virus code.

16. Copies itself repeatedly in memory using up system resources and possibly shutting down the system

17. Other computers and mobile devices on the networ that rely on the server for its resources

18. A popular digital line alternative for the small business or home user. Transmits at fast speeds on existing standard copper telephone wiring.

19. Optical disk drive - hard disk drive - usb flash drive - card reader/writer - memory cards - external hard disk.

20. Perpetrator attempts to obtain your personal or financial info.

21. A type of always on connection that is established between two communications devices. better than dial up line

22. Is a hardware or software that protects a networks resources from intrusion by users on another such as the internet.

23. Someone who uses internet to destroy or damage computers for political reasons.

24. The number of bits in an area on a storage medium - Higher density means more storage capacity

25. Multitasking operating system sold by Sun and IBM. stand alone and server operating system

26. Magentic ink character recognition devices read text printed with magnetized ink. Readers read numbers at the bottom of the checks

27. Accepts the transmission of data - instructions - or info

28. Records in a file both successful and unsuccessful attempts.

29. Random access memory- memory chips that can be read from and written to by the processor and other devices

30. Surgeon performs operation by controlling robot when not in the same area as patient.

31. Hardware - software - data - people - procedures

32. Graphics processing unit controls the manipulation and display of graphics on the display device.

33. Company that provides wireless internet access to computers

34. Slightly slower than L1 cache but has higher capacity. (advanced transfer cache)

35. Consists of capturing - sorting - analyzing - displaying - printing - and manipulating images.

36. Consists of special purpose chip and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data - instructions - and information from a disk to and from the system bus and other parts of the computer.

37. A special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product. Small with limited hardware

38. A temporary connection that uses one or more analog telphone lines for communications.

39. A collection of networked computers that have been compromised by malware operating in a collected cohesive fashion - (coordinated by a controller computer). Can leverage the combined computing power of their botnets to launch targeted denial of serv

40. Uses fiber optic cable for internet connection.

41. Digital video intefaceenables digital signals to translate directly to the LCD monitor.

42. When businesses use the internet to sell products

43. PGP an encryption program

44. Dozens or hundreds of thin strands of glass or plastic that use light to transmit signal. Carries more signals - faster - less noise - better security - smaller size

45. The original article and all subsequent related replies

46. Central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.

47. Errors that can be recognized by automatic update

48. Data that has been processed in a useful form- text - graphics - audio - video

49. A communications device that can convert digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals so data can travel along an analog telephone line. In the form of an adapter card you insert in an expansion slot on motherboard.

50. Universal serial bus port connects peripherals to the computer