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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. A server that you connect to to start a chat session.

2. A popular digital line alternative for the small business or home user. Transmits at fast speeds on existing standard copper telephone wiring.

3. Same intent as cracker but does not have technical skills and knowledge. Often use prewritten hacking

4. CPU. Interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate the computer. (On motherboard)

5. Smallest unit of data the computer can process

6. On the motherboard hold memory modules

7. Picure messaging can occur from mobile to mobile and mobile to email

8. Privately owned and limited to a specific vendor or computer model.

9. ...

10. A window that provides info - presents availabe options - or requests a response.

11. A cable forms a closed loop with all computers. one direction

12. Fetching - decoding - executing - storing

13. Connects the processor to cache.

14. Users prefer to download or transfer a copy of the images from the digital camera to the computers hard disk

15. Instant messaging - Mobile to mobile - mobile to personal computer - web to mobile

16. The layout of the computers and devices ina cmonnunications network. Star - bus - ring.

17. Simple mail transfer protocol is a communications protocol used by some outgoing mail servers.

18. Someone who uses internet to destroy or damage computers for political reasons.

19. When businesses use the internet to sell products

20. Msot retail stores use POS to record purchases - process cards - and update inventory

21. Controls access to the hardware - software and other resources on a network and provides a centralized storage area for data - programs - and info

22. Special software to listen to audio

23. A number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the internet (0-255)

24. A stationary pointing devoce with a ball on its top or side with one or two buttons like a mouse.

25. A unique number that identifies the location of a byte in memory

26. The process of using the operating system to restart a computer. Properly closes programs but doesnt save work

27. Provides the user with a physcial response from the device

28. Initiates an instruction to transmit data - instructions - or information.

29. Consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed (On motherboard)

30. Many scanners have this optical character recognition software which can read and convert text documents into electronic files. Includes a small optical scanner for reading characters

31. A colection of individual programs available together as a unit. lower cost and ease of use

32. A program or set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security controls when accessing a program - computer - or network. A rootkit can be a back door

33. PGP an encryption program

34. Basic input/output systemis firmware that contains the computers startup instructions

35. Is a hardware or software that protects a networks resources from intrusion by users on another such as the internet.

36. Network attached storage is a server connected to a network with the sole purpose of providing storage. often use RAID configuration

37. Really simple syndication is a specification that many content aggregatorsuse to distribute content to subscribers

38. A set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources

39. Universal serial bus port connects peripherals to the computer

40. Smaller than heat sink cools processors in notebook comps

41. A socket in the motherboard that can hold an adapter card

42. Provides a means of sharing distributing and searching through documents by converting them unti a format that can be viewed by any user.

43. Is an online area in which isers have wrtten discussions about a particular subject.

44. The time it takes a signal to trvale from one location to another on a network Neg effect- distance - type of transmission media - and number of nodes data must travel through - bandwith high latency low for best performance

45. Shrinks file sizes - lossy-you will be able to restore the file to its exact original state - lossless - compressed file can be returned to its original state

46. The number of bits in an area on a storage medium - Higher density means more storage capacity

47. A digital code attached to an electronic message or document - which is unique and which can be used to authenticate the sender or owner. Most often used in electronic commerce.

48. Power on self test to check the various system components and the results are compared with data in a CMOS chip

49. Desktop publishing software enables pro designers to create sophisticated docs that contain text graphics nd colors.

50. A type of always on connection that is established between two communications devices. better than dial up line