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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Uses a continous flow of fluids in a process that transfers the heated fluid away from the processor

2. The operating system interrupts a program that is executing and passes control to another program waiting to be executed. Operating system regains control if one program stops operating properly

3. Business transaction that occurs over Internet business - consumer consumer- consumer business - business

4. Software used by criminals

5. Joins a cable and a port

6. Computer aided manufacturing refers ti the use of computers to assist with manufacturing process.

7. A storage device that typically uses flash memory to store data instructions and information. Faster - use less power - last more than 5 years - higher failure rate - cost much more

8. A set of programs that coordinates all of the activies among computer hardware devices.

9. The fastest most powerful computer

10. The study of workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices - machines - or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently.

11. The core of the operating system that manages memory and devices - maintains the computer clock - starts programs - and assigns the computers resources such as devices and data. Memory resident

12. Short for key generator creats software registration numbers and sometimes activation codes.

13. The number of bytes a storage medium can hold

14. CA resposible for giving out digital certificate

15. Graphics processing unit controls the manipulation and display of graphics on the display device.

16. Allows the processor to communicate with peripherals.

17. Uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouses movement

18. A metropolitan area network is a high speed netwrok that connects local area networks. contains LANs

19. A type of system software that assists users with controlling or maintaining the operation of a computer - its devices - or its software. Helpful in running of application software

20. A unique number that identifies the location of a byte in memory

21. Technique that some software manufacturers use to ensure the software is not installed on more computers than legally licensed

22. Software that helps groups of people work together on projects and share info over a network

23. Has the illusion of moving images becuase it sends a continuos stream of images

24. Method that uses multiple processors to execute a single program or task requires special software that recognizes how to divide the problemand bring results back together

25. A collection of computers and devices connected together - via communications devices and transmissions media.

26. A business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributs the content to subscribers for free or a fee

27. A special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product. Small with limited hardware

28. A device that uses a light source toread characters - marks - codes - and converts them into digital data that a computer can process. Uses optical character recognition and optical mark recognition

29. A socket in the motherboard that can hold an adapter card

30. Any unwanted signal usually varying quickly

31. Sends documents to be printed to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer.

32. Type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance- type tasks usually related to managing a computer - its devices - or its programs. (transfer photos to an optical disk.

33. Translates the domain name to its associated IP address so that data and information can be routed to the correct computer.

34. Data that has been processed in a useful form- text - graphics - audio - video

35. Consists of one or more twisted pair wires bundled together - Used for transmission media. Wires are twisted to reduce the noise

36. Extends the capabilites of a browser.

37. Links in text based documents

38. Allows users to keep typing without using enter at the end of each line

39. Privately owned and limited to a specific vendor or computer model.

40. Is a security measure that defines who can access it and what actions they can take while acessing the computer

41. Application software that allows users to access and view Web Pages (Intenet Explorer - Firefox - Safari)

42. A part of the motherboard and connects the processor to main memory

43. Anopening inside the system unit in which you can install additional equipment. Different than a slot

44. A notcie that guarantees a user or web site is legit. E- commerce use it often

45. A series of network standards that specifies how two wireless devices communicate over the air with each other. MIMO

46. The time it takes a signal to trvale from one location to another on a network Neg effect- distance - type of transmission media - and number of nodes data must travel through - bandwith high latency low for best performance

47. Msot retail stores use POS to record purchases - process cards - and update inventory

48. Magnetoresistive ram- stores data using magnetic charges not electrical. Retains contents after power is out

49. Network attached storage is a server connected to a network with the sole purpose of providing storage. often use RAID configuration

50. A type of storage media that consists of flat disc and is written and read by a laser