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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Accesses a computer or network illegally but has the intent of destroying data - stealing info - or other malicious actions.

2. Power on self test to check the various system components and the results are compared with data in a CMOS chip

3. The number of bits in an area on a storage medium - Higher density means more storage capacity

4. Designed for mobile devices

5. Broadband modem- sends and recives digital data over the cable television

6. Online service provider- has many members features along with internet access such as IM or Web browsers.

7. Method that the internet uses to store domain names and their corressponding IP addresses

8. A series of network standards that specifies how two wireless devices communicate over the air with each other. MIMO

9. System board- is the main circuit board of the system unit.

10. Retains existing application software and data files even if you can change computer models or vendors

11. A unique number that identifies the location of a byte in memory

12. Operating system on mobile devices that generally resides on ROM

13. Any unwanted signal usually varying quickly

14. Any data or instructions entered into the memory of the computer

15. Internet Service Provider- a regional or national access provider

16. Text version of an IP address

17. Federally funded internet security research and development center

18. Acts as an electronic switch that opens or closes the circuit for electrical charges

19. Component of the system unit that converts AC to DC power. Have built in fans to keep it cool.

20. Wide area network is a network that covers a large geographic area such as a city - country - or world. The internet is the biggest

21. (program) consists of related instructions that tells computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them

22. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

23. The time it takes a signal to trvale from one location to another on a network Neg effect- distance - type of transmission media - and number of nodes data must travel through - bandwith high latency low for best performance

24. The last section of the domain name

25. Communications activity. Handled by NSFnet.

26. Magentic ink character recognition devices read text printed with magnetized ink. Readers read numbers at the bottom of the checks

27. Holds one or more disk drives

28. A series of related instructions that tells a computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them. They respond to commands

29. Uses the cell phone network to connect to the internet wirelessly from a notebook computer - smart phone - or mobile device

30. An expansion card - a circuit board that enhances functions of a component of the system unit or provides connections to peripherals.

31. Provids mobile users with a secure connection to the company server as if the user has a private line.

32. Really simple syndication is a specification that many content aggregatorsuse to distribute content to subscribers

33. Sends documents to be printed to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer.

34. Helps speed he processes of the comp bc it stores frequently used instructions and data (L1 - L2 cache) cache speeds up the processing time bc it stores frequently used instructions and data.

35. Electronic funds transfer allows users connected to a network to transfer money from one bank account to another via transmission media

36. A window that provides info - presents availabe options - or requests a response.

37. A legal agreement that allows multiple users to access the software on the server simutaneously

38. The process of transferring data in a continous and even flow which allows users to access a file while it is transmitting

39. Single chip with two or more processor cores.

40. Application software that assists oeioke in becoming more effective and efficient while performing their daily business activities.

41. Accepts the transmission of data - instructions - or info

42. Standard specifies that computers and devices on the networl share or pass a special signal called a token in a unidirectional manner and in a preset order. only one token per network

43. Reorganizing it so that the files are store in continous sectors

44. Defines guidelines that specify the eay computers access the medium to which they are attached - types - speed of medium - and types of physical cable or witreless technology used

45. A program that restricts access to certain material on the web

46. The study of workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices - machines - or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently.

47. Special software to listen to audio

48. Copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period

49. Joins a cable and a port

50. A personal computer you can carry from place to place