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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Special software to listen to audio

2. A light sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics and translates the results into a form the computer can process.

3. Extends the capabilites of a browser.

4. A technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network. email spoofing. IP spoofing

5. Personal information manager is application software that includes features to help users organize personal info

6. Where ram resides - a small circuit board (RIMM - SIMM - DIMM)

7. Other computers and mobile devices on the networ that rely on the server for its resources

8. A small metal or plastic device that uses pressure instead of ink.

9. Characteristics include capacity - platters - read/write heads - cylinders - sectors and tracks - rpm - transfer rate - and access time

10. A device that uses a light source toread characters - marks - codes - and converts them into digital data that a computer can process. Uses optical character recognition and optical mark recognition

11. Measures the amount of time it takes a storage device to locate an item on a storage medium and the time required to deliver an item from memory to the processor

12. Health care professions conduct live conferences on the computer

13. A device that enables you to join a port and a connector that are both male or female

14. The combination of text - numbers - graphics - animation - sound effects - music - and other media in hyperlinked documents.

15. A system that attempts to imitate the behavior of a human brain.

16. Type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance- type tasks usually related to managing a computer - its devices - or its programs. (transfer photos to an optical disk.

17. Copyrighted software provided at no cost by company that retains all rights to software

18. A program that displays an online advertisement in a pop up. spyware can be hidden in adware

19. Mad ef aluminum - glass - or ceramic and is coated with an alloy material that allows material to be recorded magnetically

20. Allows a user to plan schedule and track costs of a project

21. An electrical disturbance that can degrade communications

22. Magentic ink character recognition devices read text printed with magnetized ink. Readers read numbers at the bottom of the checks

23. Read only memory refers to memory chips storing permanent data and instructions (firmware)

24. Controls timing of all computer operations

25. CPU. Interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate the computer. (On motherboard)

26. Communications device that connects multiple computers or other routers together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network

27. Sends documents to be printed to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer.

28. Hardware - software - data - people - procedures

29. On the motherboard hold memory modules

30. Obtains data directly at the location where the transaction or event takes place.

31. 8 bits grouped together. basic storage unit in memory. Each byte has an address

32. A stationary pointing devoce with a ball on its top or side with one or two buttons like a mouse.

33. Uses email as a vehicle for extortion. Threaten users if they are not paid a sum of money

34. Computing device small enough to hold in your hand

35. A program placed on a computer without the users knowledge that secretly collects info about the user often related to web browsing habits.

36. Pressure sensitive eraser shaped pointing device

37. Shrinks file sizes - lossy-you will be able to restore the file to its exact original state - lossless - compressed file can be returned to its original state

38. Redundant array of independant disks which is a group of to or more inegrated hard disks. An ideal storage system for users who must have data available when the access it

39. A vulnerable computer that is set up to entice an intruder to break into it.

40. Optical disk drive - hard disk drive - usb flash drive - card reader/writer - memory cards - external hard disk.

41. Some viruses are hidden in it - which are instructions saved in software such as word processing or spreadsheet program

42. Where a computer keeps data - instructions - and information (flash drives - hard disks - optical disks - memory cards)

43. Rambus inline memory module house RDRAM chips

44. Copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period

45. The core of the operating system that manages memory and devices - maintains the computer clock - starts programs - and assigns the computers resources such as devices and data. Memory resident

46. Universal serial bus port connects peripherals to the computer

47. Communications activity. Handled by NSFnet.

48. The process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors

49. Hides within or looks like a legitimate program such as a screen saver

50. Company that provides wireless internet access to computers