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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Obtains data directly at the location where the transaction or event takes place.

2. Type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance- type tasks usually related to managing a computer - its devices - or its programs. (transfer photos to an optical disk.

3. Technique that some software manufacturers use to ensure the software is not installed on more computers than legally licensed

4. Broadband modem- sends and recives digital data over the cable television

5. Has the illusion of moving images becuase it sends a continuos stream of images

6. Provide Wi Fi to mobile computers or devices

7. Needed generally to participate in a newsgroup

8. Transmission control protocol is a netwrok standard that defines how data are routed from one end of a network to another - ensuring data arrives correctly. Packet switching

9. Saves any open docs or programs to hardisk before removing power

10. Desktop publishing software enables pro designers to create sophisticated docs that contain text graphics nd colors.

11. Two or more computers transfer data - instructions - and information.

12. System board- is the main circuit board of the system unit.

13. MFP is a single devce that looks like a printer or copy machine but provides the functionality of a printer - copier - scanner - and fax

14. A family member on a computer

15. A system that attempts to imitate the behavior of a human brain.

16. Accesses a computer or network illegally but has the intent of destroying data - stealing info - or other malicious actions.

17. On software is infinitie space and depth for VR

18. A small metal or plastic device that uses pressure instead of ink.

19. Connects the processor to cache.

20. Defines guidelines that specify the eay computers access the medium to which they are attached - types - speed of medium - and types of physical cable or witreless technology used

21. (laptop computer) portable personal computer often able to fit in your lap

22. Hides within or looks like a legitimate program such as a screen saver

23. Virtual reality is the use of computers to simulate a real or imagines environment that appears in a 3d space.

24. DoS attack is an assult whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or email

25. Amercian Standad code for information interchange - is the most widely used coding scheme to represent data

26. Power on self test to check the various system components and the results are compared with data in a CMOS chip

27. A technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network. email spoofing. IP spoofing

28. May break in to computer to exploit security weakness. financial gains - revenge.

29. Really simple syndication is a specification that many content aggregatorsuse to distribute content to subscribers

30. Small ceramic or metal component with fins on its surface that absorbs and disperses heat produced by electrical components such as the processor

31. Graphics processing unit controls the manipulation and display of graphics on the display device.

32. A computer that can perform all of its input - processing - output - and storage activities by itself (PC - Apple)

33. A device that enables you to join a port and a connector that are both male or female

34. Screen savors were made to prevent this - which etched images permanently onto the screen

35. A business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributs the content to subscribers for free or a fee

36. A web site that evaluates your comouter to check for internet and e mail vulnerabilities

37. A popular digital line alternative for the small business or home user. Transmits at fast speeds on existing standard copper telephone wiring.

38. Controls timing of all computer operations

39. Graphical User interface - interact with software using text - graphics - and icons

40. A program that restricts access to certain material on the web

41. Smallest element in an electronic image

42. Allows users to keep typing without using enter at the end of each line

43. Graphic file (JPEG - GIF) slowly replacing GIF

44. Computer automatically can configure adapter cards and other peripherals as you install them

45. They consist entirely of electronic components and contain no moving parts.

46. The study of workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices - machines - or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently.

47. Dual inline memory module forms two sets of contact

48. A computer with limited processing power that enables users to send data to and recieve info from a host computer. POS terminals - ATM - and DVD kiosks

49. Pressure sensitive eraser shaped pointing device

50. Impact printer that uses tiny wire pins on a print head mechanism to stike an inked ribbon