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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Magnetoresistive ram- stores data using magnetic charges not electrical. Retains contents after power is out

2. System board- is the main circuit board of the system unit.

3. Two main parts are processor and memory.

4. A real time internet communications service where you can talk to people online.

5. Slightly slower than L1 cache but has higher capacity. (advanced transfer cache)

6. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor provides high speeds and consumes little power. Used by RAM - flash memory - and other memory chips. USes battery power

7. Copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period

8. The use of computer or network with out permission

9. Other computers and mobile devices on the networ that rely on the server for its resources

10. Accepts the transmission of data - instructions - or info

11. A business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributs the content to subscribers for free or a fee

12. Has the illusion of moving images becuase it sends a continuos stream of images

13. A part of the motherboard and connects the processor to main memory

14. Is a hardware or software that protects a networks resources from intrusion by users on another such as the internet.

15. Computer automatically can configure adapter cards and other peripherals as you install them

16. Digital video intefaceenables digital signals to translate directly to the LCD monitor.

17. Optical disk drive - hard disk drive - usb flash drive - card reader/writer - memory cards - external hard disk.

18. MFP is a single devce that looks like a printer or copy machine but provides the functionality of a printer - copier - scanner - and fax

19. Pressure sensitive eraser shaped pointing device

20. Communications device that connects multiple computers or other routers together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network

21. A communications device that can convert digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals so data can travel along an analog telephone line. In the form of an adapter card you insert in an expansion slot on motherboard.

22. Obtains data directly at the location where the transaction or event takes place.

23. A server that you connect to to start a chat session.

24. An instruction that causes a program to perform a specific action.

25. Is an online area in which isers have wrtten discussions about a particular subject.

26. Records in a file both successful and unsuccessful attempts.

27. Online service provider- has many members features along with internet access such as IM or Web browsers.

28. A technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network. email spoofing. IP spoofing

29. Central processing unit- processor- interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer.

30. The technology of authenticating a persons identity by verifying a personal characteristic.

31. The destructive event or prank the program intended to deliver

32. A set of programs that coordinates all of the activies among computer hardware devices.

33. A program that displays an online advertisement in a pop up. spyware can be hidden in adware

34. A special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product. Small with limited hardware

35. Retains existing application software and data files even if you can change computer models or vendors

36. A program or set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security controls when accessing a program - computer - or network. A rootkit can be a back door

37. Two or more computers transfer data - instructions - and information.

38. A program that restricts access to certain material on the web

39. Wireless network that provides internet connections to mobile comouters and devices WiFi - WiMAX - Bluetooth

40. Controls timing of all computer operations

41. A web site that evaluates your comouter to check for internet and e mail vulnerabilities

42. Central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.

43. A system that attempts to imitate the behavior of a human brain.

44. Organization that sells and manages domain names

45. Virtual reality is the use of computers to simulate a real or imagines environment that appears in a 3d space.

46. Contains many microscopic pathways capable of carrying an electrical current

47. Any data or instructions entered into the memory of the computer

48. Can be peropheral or chip - creates sound from digital instructions.

49. Surgeon performs operation by controlling robot when not in the same area as patient.

50. Case of the system unit to protect internal damage