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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. A business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributs the content to subscribers for free or a fee

2. Data that has been processed in a useful form- text - graphics - audio - video

3. One or more computers on the network request services from the server. 10 or more computers

4. Transmission media on which the data - instructions - information travel.

5. Consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed (On motherboard)

6. Consists of special purpose chip and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data - instructions - and information from a disk to and from the system bus and other parts of the computer.

7. Provides the user with a physcial response from the device

8. Contain permanently writeen data - instructions - and information

9. A communications device that enables a computer or device that does not have a built in networking capability to access a network

10. On software is infinitie space and depth for VR

11. Characteristics include capacity - platters - read/write heads - cylinders - sectors and tracks - rpm - transfer rate - and access time

12. Consists of programs designed to make users more productive and assist them with personal tasks - makes business activites more efficient - to assist with graphics - to support home - personal - and educational tasks - to facilitate communications

13. When turning on a computer that has been turned off completly

14. Mad ef aluminum - glass - or ceramic and is coated with an alloy material that allows material to be recorded magnetically

15. Dish shaped antenna for internet connection

16. Health care professions conduct live conferences on the computer

17. A program that displays an online advertisement in a pop up. spyware can be hidden in adware

18. The delivery of education via some electronic method such as the internet - networks - or optical disks.

19. Graphics processing unit controls the manipulation and display of graphics on the display device.

20. Internet access that takes place when the modem in your computer connects to the Internet via a standard telephone line that transmits data and information using an analog (continuous wave pattern) signal.

21. Computing device small enough to hold in your hand

22. A type of storage media that consists of flat disc and is written and read by a laser

23. Faster growing operating system that includes free programming languages and utility programs - multipurpose operating system

24. Electronic data interchange which defines how data transmits across telephone lines or other means. Minimal peperwork for businesses

25. A special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product. Small with limited hardware

26. A small flat rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion.

27. Component of the system unit that converts AC to DC power. Have built in fans to keep it cool.

28. Transmits data via infared light waves.. Both computer and device must have the port for it to work

29. A web site that evaluates your comouter to check for internet and e mail vulnerabilities

30. Optical disk drive - hard disk drive - usb flash drive - card reader/writer - memory cards - external hard disk.

31. Allows the various devices both inside and attached to the system unit to communicate with each other. Bits travel on a bus from input to memory to processor to output. Data Bus. Address Bus.

32. Where ram resides - a small circuit board (RIMM - SIMM - DIMM)

33. When online meetings take place on the web

34. Anopening inside the system unit in which you can install additional equipment. Different than a slot

35. The amount of data - instructions - and information that can travel over communications channel

36. Media transmit multiple signals simutaneously. Download faster than upload

37. The process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors

38. Accepts the transmission of data - instructions - or info

39. Mathematical formula that generates a code from the contents of the message

40. Case of the system unit to protect internal damage

41. Communications activity. Handled by NSFnet.

42. Provide Wi Fi to mobile computers or devices

43. Consists of capturing - sorting - analyzing - displaying - printing - and manipulating images.

44. The design of computers - devices - and media in the network

45. A type of always on connection that is established between two communications devices. better than dial up line

46. Consumer consumer e commerce.

47. Someone who uses internet to destroy or damage computers for political reasons.

48. Major carriers of network traffic

49. Loses its contents when power is turned off (RAM)

50. Static ram- faster and more reliable. Dont need to be re energized as often and are more expensive