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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. Dozens or hundreds of thin strands of glass or plastic that use light to transmit signal. Carries more signals - faster - less noise - better security - smaller size

2. Computing device small enough to hold in your hand

3. Started the internet as a networking project

4. Searches for and removes unneccessary files

5. Converst computer output into a video signal that travels through a cable through the monitor which displays image on the screen

6. Computer designed so the system unit - input devices - output devices - and any other devices fit entirely on or under a desk or table.

7. Consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed (On motherboard)

8. A program or set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security controls when accessing a program - computer - or network. A rootkit can be a back door

9. Component of the system unit that converts AC to DC power. Have built in fans to keep it cool.

10. A device that uses a light source toread characters - marks - codes - and converts them into digital data that a computer can process. Uses optical character recognition and optical mark recognition

11. Standard specifies that computers and devices on the networl share or pass a special signal called a token in a unidirectional manner and in a preset order. only one token per network

12. Central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.

13. Special software to listen to audio

14. Arithmetic logic unit- a component of the processor - performs arithmetric - comparison - and operations.

15. Simple mail transfer protocol is a communications protocol used by some outgoing mail servers.

16. Allows the various devices both inside and attached to the system unit to communicate with each other. Bits travel on a bus from input to memory to processor to output. Data Bus. Address Bus.

17. Case of the system unit to protect internal damage

18. Central processing unit- processor- interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer.

19. Shrinks file sizes - lossy-you will be able to restore the file to its exact original state - lossless - compressed file can be returned to its original state

20. A stationary pointing devoce with a ball on its top or side with one or two buttons like a mouse.

21. Amercian Standad code for information interchange - is the most widely used coding scheme to represent data

22. The number of bytes a storage medium can hold

23. Uses the cell phone network to connect to the internet wirelessly from a notebook computer - smart phone - or mobile device

24. Controls access to hardware - software - and other resources on the network and provides a central storage area for programs - data - and info.

25. The time it takes a signal to trvale from one location to another on a network Neg effect- distance - type of transmission media - and number of nodes data must travel through - bandwith high latency low for best performance

26. A colection of individual programs available together as a unit. lower cost and ease of use

27. Dish shaped antenna for internet connection

28. A storage device that typically uses flash memory to store data instructions and information. Faster - use less power - last more than 5 years - higher failure rate - cost much more

29. The original article and all subsequent related replies

30. Short for key generator creats software registration numbers and sometimes activation codes.

31. Builds and maintains lists of words found on websites. Useful for search engines

32. A type of storage media that consists of flat disc and is written and read by a laser

33. A type of system software that assists users with controlling or maintaining the operation of a computer - its devices - or its software. Helpful in running of application software

34. Where ram resides - a small circuit board (RIMM - SIMM - DIMM)

35. System board- is the main circuit board of the system unit.

36. An electrical disturbance that can degrade communications

37. A motion sensing mouse - allows you to control objects by moving the mouse in predetermined directions through air

38. Consists of capturing - sorting - analyzing - displaying - printing - and manipulating images.

39. Internet access that takes place when the modem in your computer connects to the Internet via a standard telephone line that transmits data and information using an analog (continuous wave pattern) signal.

40. Major carriers of network traffic

41. Allows the processor to communicate with peripherals.

42. A server that you connect to to start a chat session.

43. Programs designed to make users more productive and assist them with personal tasks. (Web browser)

44. Can be peropheral or chip - creates sound from digital instructions.

45. Radio frequency identification is a technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object. Can contain antenna and memory chips

46. Uses email as a vehicle for extortion. Threaten users if they are not paid a sum of money

47. Federally funded internet security research and development center

48. Electronic data interchange which defines how data transmits across telephone lines or other means. Minimal peperwork for businesses

49. Provids mobile users with a secure connection to the company server as if the user has a private line.

50. Amount of time it takes for the processor to read data - instructions - and information from memory. Directly affects processing data time.