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Cse Computer Science Engineering

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1. A device that enables you to join a port and a connector that are both male or female

2. Small- high speed storage locations that temporarily hold data and instructions. A part of the processor not memory

3. Initiates an instruction to transmit data - instructions - or information.

4. Errors that can be recognized by automatic update

5. Enahnces the sound generating capabilites of a personal computer

6. A number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the internet (0-255)

7. Really simple syndication is a specification that many content aggregatorsuse to distribute content to subscribers

8. A network standard that specifies no central computer or device on the network should control when data is being transmitted. Msot popular in LAN

9. Sends digital data and info from a comp to a DSL line

10. Computer designed so the system unit - input devices - output devices - and any other devices fit entirely on or under a desk or table.

11. The process of transferring data in a continous and even flow which allows users to access a file while it is transmitting

12. Type of notebook comp that is smaller and less powerful than a normal notebook comp

13. Technique that some software manufacturers use to ensure the software is not installed on more computers than legally licensed

14. Uses fiber optic cable for internet connection.

15. Continues to operate when one of its components fails - ensuring that no data is lost

16. The number of bits in an area on a storage medium - Higher density means more storage capacity

17. Where ram resides - a small circuit board (RIMM - SIMM - DIMM)

18. zombie

19. Communications activity. Handled by NSFnet.

20. May break in to computer to exploit security weakness. financial gains - revenge.

21. Extends the capabilites of a browser.

22. Wide area network is a network that covers a large geographic area such as a city - country - or world. The internet is the biggest

23. Operating system on mobile devices that generally resides on ROM

24. Provides a means of sharing distributing and searching through documents by converting them unti a format that can be viewed by any user.

25. Consists of special purpose chip and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data - instructions - and information from a disk to and from the system bus and other parts of the computer.

26. A communications device that can convert digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals so data can travel along an analog telephone line. In the form of an adapter card you insert in an expansion slot on motherboard.

27. Sends documents to be printed to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer.

28. Is a hardware or software that protects a networks resources from intrusion by users on another such as the internet.

29. A colection of individual programs available together as a unit. lower cost and ease of use

30. Software used by criminals

31. Consists of capturing - sorting - analyzing - displaying - printing - and manipulating images.

32. Contains many microscopic pathways capable of carrying an electrical current

33. Basic input/output systemis firmware that contains the computers startup instructions

34. Software that helps groups of people work together on projects and share info over a network

35. Joins a cable and a port

36. Provide Wi Fi to mobile computers or devices

37. A web application that combines services from two or more sources creating a new application.

38. Saves any open docs or programs to hardisk before removing power

39. Mathematical formula that generates a code from the contents of the message

40. A web site that evaluates your comouter to check for internet and e mail vulnerabilities

41. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor provides high speeds and consumes little power. Used by RAM - flash memory - and other memory chips. USes battery power

42. Allows the various devices both inside and attached to the system unit to communicate with each other. Bits travel on a bus from input to memory to processor to output. Data Bus. Address Bus.

43. A technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network. email spoofing. IP spoofing

44. Optical disk drive - hard disk drive - usb flash drive - card reader/writer - memory cards - external hard disk.

45. Component of the system unit that converts AC to DC power. Have built in fans to keep it cool.

46. Application software that allows users to access and view Web Pages (Intenet Explorer - Firefox - Safari)

47. Copyrighted software provided at no cost by company that retains all rights to software

48. Allows users to keep typing without using enter at the end of each line

49. On the motherboard hold memory modules

50. The number of bytes a storage medium can hold