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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. You must specify a unit of measure with a ________ making sure there is no space between the value and its unit of measure

2. Attribute describing how a style sheet is related to an XHTML file it is connected to (complete statement)

3. CSS requires that you know the _______ structural commands

4. Empty tag used to connect an external style sheet to a web page

5. Multiword properties are _____ words

6. CSS is about _________

7. Spaces are _________

8. A CSS rule that removes all images from a site

9. Commands to attach external style sheets to a given page should be placed in the _____ of the web page

10. XHTML attribute to set a styles sheet to print media only

11. Applied directly to the elements they affect

12. Comments in CSS cannot be _________

13. Comment structure for CSS

14. When using an XHTML tag selector you must not use it with it's ________

15. XHTML is about ___________

16. These tags are often (always?) nested in the <map> tag block

17. Best for photographs has about 16.7 million colors. Does NOT support transparency

18. XHTML syntax for connecting an external style sheet to a given webpage if the name of the sheet is 'sitestyles.css'

19. Times New Romanand Georgia are in the _____ font family

20. Comic Sans is in the _____ font family

21. Every CSS declaration has a ____ and a value

22. The space between lines of text

23. HTML comment block syntax

24. HTML elements can be selected by element type - id or ______

25. In a printed document set the width of the body and article to _____ so they will be as wide as the printed page permits

26. A triplet of numbers based on components of Red & Green and Blue

27. Given: p {color:red;text-align:center;} p is the selector there are 2 declarations and the entire style is known as a ________

28. A CSS ______ consists of a selector and a declaration block

29. The _____ is the style attribute you want to change

30. Property for background color

31. The semicolon (;) after a declaration can be __________

32. Syntax shell for writing styles in a given web page (internal style sheets)

33. The space between words and phrases

34. Height of the default font

35. Within a style sheet you can specify a rule set or group of rule sets for the printed page by coding ________

36. Syntax for a CSS declaration

37. The amount of space between characters

38. Hyphenated properties (like 'font-family') must not include ________

39. Arial and Verdana and Geneva are in the _____ font family

40. Symbol used to specify an 'id' selector

41. In the absence of other conflicting rules or declarations the order of declarations within a given rule is _________

42. Each CSS and each style rule is comprised of 2 parts: the ________ and the declaration block

43. A CSS ___________ consists of an opening brace & zero or more declarations and a closing brace

44. Symbol used to specify a 'class' selector

45. When you provide a link element for both screen and print you usually code the link element for the ____ style sheet last so you only have to override the rules that need to be changed

46. Recommendations for formatting printed pages: Set text color to black & background color to white & font to serif; remove _________ and as many images as possible

47. Multiple class names are delimited by ____

48. CSS requires heavy use and understanding of the _____ of web page structure

49. Default media type for a link element containing a reference to styles

50. If you don't want an element to be included when a page is printed you can set its display property to _____