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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Spaces are _________

2. Common name for { } 's

3. CSS requires heavy use and understanding of the _____ of web page structure

4. Comment structure for CSS

5. One way to do image rollovers is to use ______ images and the hover selector

6. Symbol used to specify an 'id' selector

7. A triplet of numbers based on components of Red & Green and Blue

8. A CSS ___________ consists of an opening brace & zero or more declarations and a closing brace

9. Times New Romanand Georgia are in the _____ font family

10. To set margins and padding on printed pages you can use ____ as the unit of measure

11. Empty tag used to connect an external style sheet to a web page

12. A CSS _____ (or rule) consists of a property - a colon - a value and a semicolon

13. Extension for a CSS file

14. Given: p {color:red;text-align:center;} p is the selector there are 2 declarations and the entire style is known as a ________

15. Attribute name used to indicate the name of the CSS file an XHTML file is connected to

16. HTML comment block syntax

17. Recommendations for formatting printed pages: Set text color to black & background color to white & font to serif; remove _________ and as many images as possible

18. Courier is in the _____ font family

19. Syntax shell for writing styles in a given web page (internal style sheets)

20. The amount of space between characters

21. Property for text color

22. Height of the default font

23. The space between lines of text

24. These tags are often (always?) nested in the <map> tag block

25. In a printed document set the width of the body and article to _____ so they will be as wide as the printed page permits

26. Javascript is about _________

27. In the absence of other conflicting rules or declarations the order of declarations within a given rule is _________

28. Comic Sans is in the _____ font family

29. Multiword properties are _____ words

30. Commands to attach external style sheets to a given page should be placed in the _____ of the web page

31. A CSS rule that removes all images from a site

32. CSS is about _________

33. A CSS ______ consists of a selector and a declaration block

34. When you provide a link element for both screen and print you usually code the link element for the ____ style sheet last so you only have to override the rules that need to be changed

35. HTML elements can be selected by element type - id or ______

36. Property for background color

37. Arial and Verdana and Geneva are in the _____ font family

38. Ornamental part of some fonts

39. A popular serif font for printing

40. Default media type for a link element containing a reference to styles

41. Syntax for a CSS declaration

42. Delimiters for a rule's declaration(s)

43. Multiple class names are delimited by ____

44. The semicolon (;) after a declaration can be __________

45. Best for photographs has about 16.7 million colors. Does NOT support transparency

46. Defines a group of elements

47. Hyphenated properties (like 'font-family') must not include ________

48. Content Padding Border Margin

49. When using an XHTML tag selector you must not use it with it's ________

50. Symbol used to specify a 'class' selector