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Culinary Game Meats

Subject : cooking
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1. Much like beef or other meats. Bright colors - fresh smells - packaged correctly

2. Ground game - winged game

3. 1. Age of the meat is an essential part of choosing good game - younger is better 2.Aging is similar to Beef - up to 30 days max - 7-14 most common.3.Marinating and tenderizing are very common during preparation.4.Adding fat while cooking

4. Venaison - typically can refer to any game meat - Strong and gamey - due to the animals range of diet. Most are farm raised

5. French for hunted animals

6. Pheasant - Partridge - Pigeon - Guinea Fowl - Quial - Hare - Wild Bore - Venison

7. Wild game generally has more flavor than its domestic counterparts.

8. American Bison/Buffalo: up to 2400# Elk -Caribou -Moose: up to 750#