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Dental Instruments

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1. To hold patients mouth open

2. To carve the occlusal anatomy

3. To remove large amounts of deposits

4. To place the dental dam clamp on the tooth

5. To mix large amounts of dental material

6. To replace pulp tissue

7. To grasp tissue or bone fragments

8. To rinse out the canal or socket

9. To clean inside walls of canal

10. To evacuate fluid from the oral cavity

11. To remove pulp tissue from the canal

12. To mark bite and hold articulating paper in place

13. To grasp and lock material for transfer into and out of oral cavity

14. To lift tooth from socket

15. For lab use (trim crowns - etc..)

16. To evacuate fluid from oral cavity or surgical site

17. To mix dental cement

18. To grasp or transfer items

19. To mix dental materials

20. To cut tissue

21. To mark holes on the dental dam

22. To extract mandibular

23. To use w/slow-speed attachments

24. To pack and condense amalgam

25. Small glass dish used to mix dental material

26. To smooth amalgam

27. To measure pocket depth

28. To isolate the tooth

29. To remove carious dentin

30. To polish teeth

31. To evacuate large volumes of fluid and debris

32. To anchor and stabilize dental dam

33. Used to hold impression material

34. To extract maxillary

35. To carve interproximal

36. To carry and dispense amalgam

37. To provide indirect vision - reflect light - retract lips - cheeks - and tongue

38. To punch holes in dental dam for each individual tooth

39. To isolate teeth for dental procedures

40. To cut tooth structure

41. To hold dental dam away from teeth

42. To administer local anesthetic

43. To dry point chambers of canal

44. To select a shade for permanent restorations

45. To smooth amalgam

46. To examine teeth for decay

47. To remove calculous on teeth by vibration

48. To cut tissue

49. To suture surgical site