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Dreamweaver Web Programming

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1. Compression format that loses no information. Quality of PNG files

2. A visual enhancement that you can apply to elements in Web pages.

3. Online hosted service that allows clients to make simple changes to page content from within a browser

4. Regular div tag that you place around the other divs and elements in the page

5. Page element saved in the .lbi format that can be inserted in more than one page

6. A series of characters that the server admin assigns the web server

7. Information you gather from a list of questions about potential users

8. Graphic file in Dreamweaver that is connected to its original source file

9. A stand-alone executable file that does not need any software or plug-in to run on a client computer

10. Grid structures that are divided into rows and columns

11. Table row=tr - cell=td - header=th

12. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

13. Enables you to choose the level of formatting

14. Barebones page mockups created in a graphics program

15. keep it simple - 3 to 6 colors per site - consider the mood - keep target audience in mind

16. Image that changes when the pointer moves across it

17. In Dreamweaver - anything that you create or insert into a page such as tables - images - and links or an element in a Web page to attach a behavior to such as a graphic or an AP div

18. Each letter takes up a different width proportional to the width of the letter (times - Helvetica)

19. Default font size of 3

20. Any class that is applied to entities other than HTML Specifications Standards tags

21. Notes added to the code of HTML

22. Is used to opy files rom one computer to another over the net

23. Hyperlink that has not yet been clicked

24. Apparatus that provides a disabled person with alternate means to computing

25. Link has been clicked

26. Three categories of typefaces (serif - sans serif - and mono)

27. When webpages display data stored in a database

28. Is all the information that a web application server needs to connect to a database

29. Used with target attribute to open page in new browser

30. Run on the web sserver efore the page is sent to a users browser - written in PHP - ASP - ASP.Net - JSP - ColdFusion

31. 7 font sizes based on the standard default size of 3

32. An opening tag and a closing tag that bracket the content to which they are applied

33. One in which each letter takes exactly the same width in the line ( i character takes as much space as the m character) Courier is an example

34. Collection of styles attached as an external document and used throughout the entire Web site

35. Code added to a Web page that enables users to interact with various elements in the Web page - to alter the Web page in different ways or to cause tasks to be performed

36. Ability to make the background image transparent. Quality of PNG files

37. Graphics interchange format

38. Files that are used in the web page that are needed on the webserver

39. Link a page to another site

40. A JavaScript that acts as a virtual holding container for data that loads from another separate source document - which can be a page in the current site or another XML or HTML file.

41. Six digit numbers in the form of #RRGGBB - uses digits 0-9

42. Main page of a website

43. Software that interprets and displays web pages

44. Lets you set a specific size for the pages (regardless of screen resolution)

45. What hyperlinks are created in HTML with

46. The type of compression used for a specific sound

47. First line in HTML document - where coding begins and ends

48. Image editing process that adds or subtracts pixels from a resized graphic

49. The software that shrinks the digital sound and or video to the smallest possible size for faster transmission - and later expands it for playback on the client computer.

50. Serifs are absent (Arial)