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Dreamweaver Web Programming

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1. Regular div tag that you place around the other divs and elements in the page

2. An opening tag and a closing tag that bracket the content to which they are applied

3. <! -comment-->

4. Adjust to fit the user's browser

5. Add or subtract from the base font size by given number

6. <a href="http.//www.websitename.com"> Text </a>

7. Rule that defines the appearance of an element in the Web page either by redefining an existing HTML tag or by creating a custom style

8. Collection of styles inserted at the heat of the HTML and used throughout that page

9. People whom you would most like to visit the site

10. A diagram of geometric shapes connected by lines that show steps in a sequence

11. One set of tags is placed around another set of tags so both sets apply to the text they surround

12. Set of technical specifications that defines a format for sharing information

13. A JavaScript and CSS code library that enables Web designers to more easily add advanced functionality to Web pages.

14. Notes added to the code of HTML

15. Page element saved in the .lbi format that can be inserted in more than one page

16. The type of compression used for a specific sound

17. Online hosted service that allows clients to make simple changes to page content from within a browser

18. Careful investigation and study of data about the target audiences preferences for a product or service

19. Imaginary line on which the text is sitting

20. Three categories of typefaces (serif - sans serif - and mono)

21. Blocky sections around letters

22. Specifies how digital codes will display the characters in the web page

23. A huge global network made up of millions of smaller computer networks

24. One in which each letter takes exactly the same width in the line ( i character takes as much space as the m character) Courier is an example

25. Basically a combination between HTML and XML

26. Fixed width designs that use ems instead of pixels

27. Areas that can be changed in the pages created from a template

28. Image editing process that adds or subtracts pixels from a resized graphic

29. Short summary of the Web page - placed in meta tag with attribute name="description"

30. Contain element properties - collection of styles used as the current standard for layout and formatting

31. Portable network graphics - a graphic compression format

32. A technique for combining various technologies to update some or all of the content of a Web page without visibly refreshing the page and without browser add-on technologies.

33. Main page of a website

34. A marker you set within a Web page to which you can create links

35. A behavior that enables you to create requirements/limits that check form data before the form is submitted.

36. The empty space in the page

37. Spacing and alignment settings for tags and attributes (ex. Spacing between words and letters - horizontal or vertical alignment of text)

38. Think less is more - convert headings to images - consider what you want to convey - consider accessibility

39. Position of elements in a webpage

40. Fully developed detailed drawings that provide a complete preview of what the final design will look likecomplete preview of what the final design will look like

41. Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG program

42. Creates a transparent - block-level container to hold content

43. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

44. Hyperlink that has not yet been clicked

45. <a href="/subfolder/anotherpage.htm">Text</a>

46. Attributes that control page breaks during printing - the appearance of eth pointer when positioned over objects in the page - and special effects added to objects

47. The person or persons for whom you are creating a site

48. Specifies where the link opens

49. Code added to a Web page that enables users to interact with various elements in the Web page - to alter the Web page in different ways or to cause tasks to be performed

50. Six digit numbers in the form of #RRGGBB - uses digits 0-9