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Dreamweaver Web Programming

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1. Six digit numbers in the form of #RRGGBB - uses digits 0-9

2. Enables users to interact with a form

3. A series of letters - numbers - or symbols.

4. Refers to the look of the graphic elements in the site - should design consistent look

5. Makes text look smooth to the eye where edges of letters have slight gradient

6. A behavior that enables you to create requirements/limits that check form data before the form is submitted.

7. Used with target attribute to open page in new browser

8. Process of encoding and decoding data

9. Ability to make the background image transparent. Quality of PNG files

10. Barebones page mockups created in a graphics program

11. Collection of styles attached as an external document and used throughout the entire Web site

12. Information you gather from a list of questions about potential users

13. Image that changes when the pointer moves across it

14. A visual enhancement that you can apply to elements in Web pages.

15. Electronic document of information on the web

16. One of the first widely used animation programs that used vector-based graphics - which can scale and compress to a very small file size without losing quality.

17. Sound - video - or animation that begins to play on the user's computer after only a small portion downloads and will continue to play while the rest of the file is downloading.

18. Temporary collection of data retrieved from a database and stored on the application server that generates the Web Page when the page is loaded in a browser

19. The type of technology on which the relevant properties are most likely to be used.

20. Places only text from other document without the formatting but could include characters and styles

21. What happens when the event is performed on the object in a behavior

22. A reusable - prebuilt - page element that enables user interaction.

23. Hyper Text Markup Language

24. Javascript or anything that requires an ActiveX control or plug-in - such as Flash player

25. Default font size of 3

26. If an attribute is defined in two styles that affect the same object - the style that is closer to the object in the code will override the other

27. A group of related and interconnected web pages

28. To download the first 5 or 10 seconds of an audio or video clip before it begins to play to ensure continuous playback of the clip.

29. Image editing process that adds or subtracts pixels from a resized graphic

30. Enables you to create flexible designs that vary in size and position in response to monitor size and screen resolution

31. Link has been clicked

32. The location where your web site files are located on a web server

33. Basically a combination between HTML and XML

34. Careful investigation and study of data about the target audiences preferences for a product or service

35. Collection of styles inserted at the heat of the HTML and used throughout that page

36. A technique for combining various technologies to update some or all of the content of a Web page without visibly refreshing the page and without browser add-on technologies.

37. The computer that stores and distributes information to the other computers

38. Specifies how digital codes will display the characters in the web page

39. Portable network graphics - a graphic compression format

40. Compression format that loses information to compress an image. Quality JPEG files

41. The empty space in the page

42. Enables you to choose the level of formatting

43. Lets you set a specific size for the pages (regardless of screen resolution)

44. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - format used by email software

45. Fixed width designs that use ems instead of pixels

46. Symbol always precedes anchor name when it is used in a link

47. Online hosted service that allows clients to make simple changes to page content from within a browser

48. Main page content entered here

49. A diagram of geometric shapes connected by lines that show steps in a sequence

50. Areas that can be changed in the pages created from a template