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Dreamweaver Web Programming

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1. Main page content entered here

2. Width of the cell measured in columns

3. Set of technical specifications that defines a format for sharing information

4. A visual enhancement that you can apply to elements in Web pages.

5. If an attribute is defined in two styles that affect the same object - the style that is closer to the object in the code will override the other

6. What happens when the event is performed on the object in a behavior

7. Code added to a Web page that enables users to interact with various elements in the Web page - to alter the Web page in different ways or to cause tasks to be performed

8. Previews the active page in the Document window in Dreamweaver

9. A diagram of geometric shapes connected by lines that show steps in a sequence

10. Contains the page title - descriptive information

11. The computer that stores and distributes information to the other computers

12. Compression format that loses information to compress an image. Quality JPEG files

13. <a href="http.//www.websitename.com"> Text </a>

14. Software that interprets and displays web pages

15. Lines that you drag from the horizontal and vertical rulers into the Document window to help you place and align objects

16. The type of compression used for a specific sound

17. Can be stacked on top of one another so that their content overlaps

18. Online hosted service that allows clients to make simple changes to page content from within a browser

19. Graphics interchange format

20. A company that has direct access to the internet and sells access

21. <a href="/subfolder/anotherpage.htm">Text</a>

22. &lt;! -comment--&gt;

23. Makes text look smooth to the eye where edges of letters have slight gradient

24. Graphic that is divided into invisible regions/hotspots

25. Enables you to choose the level of formatting

26. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - format used by email software

27. Sound - video - or animation that begins to play on the user's computer after only a small portion downloads and will continue to play while the rest of the file is downloading.

28. An opening tag and a closing tag that bracket the content to which they are applied

29. Website who gathers and reports information available on the Web related to keywords or phrases

30. People whom you would most like to visit the site

31. Basically a combination between HTML and XML

32. Descriptive word or phrase that is placed in the meta tag with the attribute name="keywords"'

33. The computer the individual uses to access information

34. Cyan - magenta - and yellow are its primary colors - all colors created by mixing these primary colors

35. Don't specify the entire URL of the Web page; instead - they specify a path from the current page

36. Hyper Text Markup Language

37. Placed in alt attribute in image tage - read by assistive devices

38. Javascript or anything that requires an ActiveX control or plug-in - such as Flash player

39. On the Web - generally refers to the specific browser - e-mail package - and so on that is being used to access content

40. Surrounds the the page title - which appears in the title bar of the browser(Key for SEO)

41. A group of related and interconnected web pages

42. Refers to the quality and ease of use of a web site by people with disabilities

43. Multiline comment code

44. Enables you to specify the exact pixel in the browser window in which the upper-left corner of div tag will be placed

45. Six digit numbers in the form of #RRGGBB - uses digits 0-9

46. Lets you set a specific size for the pages (regardless of screen resolution)

47. Ability to make the background image transparent. Quality of PNG files

48. Area of a graphic that a user can click to cause an action

49. Unit of measurement that is relative to the size of the font Text and page layout change when the user's browser displays font size changes; does not change when browser resized. (site is more accessible for users with assistive devices and impaired

50. Color that is one shade and does not vary