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Drivers Education Exam - 2

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. At least 93% of accidents leading to death are a result of what?

2. what 3 types of vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings?

3. When should you signal before turning or changing lanes at a speed of 25mph?

4. What does a flashing red light mean?

5. What is the stopping distance of a fully loaded semi tractor-trailer with hot brakes traveling at 55mph?

6. What is the maximum speed limit in a school zone?

7. What is the maximum speed limit on a rural state divided highway?

8. which side of the road is a no passing zone sign located?

9. What is the procedure you are required to follow when turning right on red?

10. what kid of sign is a Do Not Pass sign?

11. Must you yield right of way to pedestrians at a crosswalk?

12. what rule is used to estimate your total following distance under ideal conditions?

13. How far is a commercial motor vehicle required to stop before a railroad crossing?

14. When is it legal to cross a solid yellow line?

15. what shape is a railroad crossing sign?

16. a truck may not follow another commercial vehicle close than How many feet?

17. you can never make a U turn where?

18. How many total exams (written and driving) can a person with a driver education permit fail before the permit is revoked?

19. What is meant by - 'anticipating the other drivers action?'

20. When do you dim your headlights when following or approaching another vehicle

21. What does a green light mean?

22. What does filing proof of Financial Responsibility mean?

23. List all 5 special stops.

24. What must you do if you miss your exit on the interstate?

25. What is the cause of a large percent of all collisions?

26. What is the maximum speed limit for buses on a rural interstate?

27. when does Indiana law require a drive to utilize their headlights?

28. What is the meaning of a flashing yellow light?

29. When should you drive below the speed limit?

30. What does a delayed green light mean?

31. When should you signal before turning or changing lanes at a speed of more than 50mph?

32. How many basic shaped signs are in Indiana?

33. what sign uses a white background?

34. What does a yellow light mean?

35. What does a triangle sign mean?

36. What does a diamond shape sign do?

37. how long must you hold your permit before applying for an operators license?

38. What is the 2 second rule? When is it used?

39. When should you drive at a lower speed?

40. true or false: you must stop when entering any street or roadway from an alley - building - or private driveway?

41. What is the maximum speed in a business district?

42. who receives a probationary license as an operator's license? when?

43. What does a red light mean?

44. What is the earliest age a person with a validated drivers education permit can apply for an operators license?

45. what shapes are regulatory signs?

46. How can you have your operators license suspended?

47. How many operators license can you hold in Indiana?

48. How can you lose your drivers license?

49. How can your probationary license be suspended?

50. What is the maximum speed limit on a rural interstate highway?