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Drivers Permit Exam

  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. If a student fails the driving test (road) he must wait how long

2. What do two parallel white lines across the road mean

3. A provisional license is good for

4. What is a good Rule of thumb in adjusting to traffic

5. _____ mph is the maximum speed limit in LA

6. Reasons to wear safety belts: (5)

7. Hand signals

8. When ba contect reaches 0.15 your chances of getting in a serious accident are raised

9. ___________ white lines may be crossed When you can do so safely.

10. Penalty of not having your insurance card

11. Penalty for driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker

12. In adverse weather conditions the stopping distances of a truck is increased by

13. Best way to reduce having an alcohol related accident is

14. Studies show the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving have been drinking;

15. The _______ is most dramatically affected by alcohol

16. What is the stopping distance on a dry road at 50 mph (feet)

17. All children under the age of _______ must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle

18. What does a greed light mean

19. When should you use your high beams

20. When backing up - you should not only look in your mirrors but ______________________ as well.

21. Since most people have trouble measuring distances - the _________________ rule makes it easy. (Pick an object on the side of the road - and when the car in front of you passes it - count. If it takes shorter than that set amount of time - you are fo

22. Which way should you turn if you are going

23. Penalty for refusing the breath test

24. BAC describes the concentration of alcohol in a person's blood expressed as __________ Per _____ of volume

25. Instead of looking directly in front of you - you should '____________' about 10-15 seconds. It allows you to prepare yourself for traffic conditions and keep your car on a steady path.

26. When parking on a hill - always set the __________________.

27. If you encounter an aggressive motorist - first and foremost - try to _______________.

28. The term one car length for each 10 mph is use to describe

29. If your car breaks down on an expressway - the first thing you should do is

30. You must be how old to register a motor vehicle

31. Penalty for driving with a suspended license-first offense

32. When purchasing a used vehicle you should get the car inspected

33. You must always keep to which side of the road except when passing

34. What should you do if you have a blowout?

35. Do not cross over any fire hoses unless

36. Facing uphill - turn your wheels (toward - away from) the curb and shift into low gear or park.

37. An articulated license allows you to operate what

38. ___________ parking is often used in parking lots - shopping centers - and sometimes at curbs.

39. Headlights must be on when _______________ is on

40. 1 in every ____ drivers will be involved in a motor accident.

41. When driving - you have ______ blind spots located to the left and right back sides of your car. They only way to see cars in these spots is to _______________.

42. After alcohol enters your stomach - it reaches your brain in appx. ___ mins

43. If nothing seems to keep you awake - resort to _______________.

44. What should be done if two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection simulaneosly

45. When driving at night you should be able to stop?

46. You must drive to the (left - right) of the centerline.

47. If you have a blind pedestrian - help them by stopping _____ ft away from the crosswalk.

48. The best way to take a turn is to

49. Dates for studded tires

50. It is illegal to park within _____ ft. of a RR crossing