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Dry Cooking Techniques

Subject : cooking
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1. A thick liquid containing milk - eggs - flour - and seasoning. Food is dipped in batter before frying (like fish sticks)

2. The amount of time it takes for oil to get back to the pre-set temperature after the food is put in

3. To cook food directly under a primary heat source (flame or heat is over the food)

4. Food is fried in enough oil to cover 1/2 the food

5. To quickly brown at the beginning of the cooking process

6. To coat foods with flour or bread crumbs (think fried chicken)

7. Foods are submerged (sunk into) hot oil between 350 and 375 degrees

8. An Asian way of sauteing in a WOK or bowl-shaped pan

9. Rod used for cooking meat or vegetables over an open fire

10. Food is cooked over an open fire using a metal rod (think rotisserie chicken)

11. Cooking that occurs after food has been removed from heat source. Can account for as much as 20 degrees

12. Fried quickly in a little fat

13. A coating of eggs and crumbs or flour (think chicken nuggets)