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DSST Introduction To Law Enforcement

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1. Research has revealed that in about 80% of such situations - no formal action - such as _______ was necessary.

2. Domestic disturbances may be fuelled by alcohol and drug abuse - financial difficulties or many other reasons that are beyond the ________ of the officers.

3. Campus police are a type of _______ district police force - and many of these larger forces have been state certified as law enforcement agencies with general arrest powers.

4. There was no __________ form of criminal justice law in those days. Guilt was assumed; the execution carried out and accepted by all as an act of retribution.

5. In this case - the Defendants were suspected of evading taxes but they refused to hand over their company books. An illegal search and seizure was performed and the books returned soon after - when the Defendant's lawyer objected. At the trial - the

6. The FBI has the responsibility to investigate - analyze and neutralize any potential terrorist threats and to investigate and analyze terrorist __________ in the US.

7. The UCR statistics are used to create the FBI Crime Clock which creates a picture of crime _________ in the US.

8. Various studies have shown that these pursuits have between an 18% to 33% chance of resulting in an accident. As a consequence - many departments have a restrictive - discouraging or discretionary _______ regarding high-speed pursuits for officers to

9. These experts contend that officers do not have the authority to subvert the criminal law. Some states have criminalized the failure of criminal justice officials who turn a ______ eye to enforcement.

10. The _________ Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)is the term coined for this annual study.

11. The number of homeless people in the US has spiraled upwards in the last 2 decades so that the function of the police in dealing with them is shifting from one of containment and peacekeeping to the delivery of proactive strategies to deal with the _

12. The 1980s and 1990s saw the creation of _______ oversight of police groups to monitor or investigate complaints by individuals against police actions.

13. Some legal experts believe that police discretion should be abolished because it is _______.

14. The courts of general jurisdiction utilize a fact-finding foundation known as the ___________ process which pits the State's interest - as represented by the prosecution against the Defendant's - as represented by defense counsel.

15. Domestic violence must be distinguished from a domestic ___________ in the sense that in the former a serious crime has been committed and so the officers can exercise their powers of arrest - if they choose to do so although research shows that offi

16. The next most critical factor that impacts on PCR after race and ethnicity is ___.

17. This is training in relation to _____________ rules and was spurred by the decisions of the US Supreme Court in the 1960s.

18. Individuals have the right to live in their homes peacefully and not be subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures by virtue of the ___ amendment.

19. Able-bodied men who could hear the commotion caused by the victim were obliged to form a posse and join the shire reeve (term from which ________ is derived) or mounted officer in pursuit of the offender.

20. Field training consists of practical on-the-job training with a __________ field training officer.

21. The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) is an annualized report published by the ___ that states the statistical rate of reported crime in the US based on data from police reports.

22. This is the right granted under the Constitution but the Supreme Court has held that it can be exercised only for offences carrying a term of ______________ exceeding 6 months or where the extra penalties such as fines and community service are suffi

23. The nature of police work also promotes deviant activities because officers are often offered ______ - they are regularly unsupervised and so think they can get away with it and fed on a diet of illegality may succumb to criminality too.

24. The assessment stage evaluates the response based on detailed _________ and surveys. The police are also encouraged to conduct a self-analysis to see if they identified the problem correctly in the first place and revise that response if needed.

25. Organized law enforcement in Britain can be traced back to 1200 AD when identified law breakers were pursued by a _____ led by the shire reeve or mounted officer.

26. The written policies method is called '________________ rule-making' and it is presently the most popular method of controlling discretion.

27. The _________ Act passed by Congress in 1883 put an end to Andrew Jackson's 'spoils system -' and created a system of hiring government employees based on their qualifications.

28. Between the data in the UCR and NCVS - most experts tend to prefer the ____.

29. Officers have very broad discretion - yet this subject is _______ taught or sufficiently taught to better aid the officers in making an appropriate decision.

30. Campus police is probably the most important example of the special district police force. The also participate in the ____ program.

31. The role of the ___ is to investigate breaches of federal criminal law - to protect the country from foreign counterintelligence and terrorist activities and to provide law enforcement assistance to other agencies.

32. The 3 CIA directorates are the directorate of Intelligence - directorate of Operations and the directorate of Science and ___________.

33. It is believed that the average citizen plays a vital part in the ________________ of officers.

34. The NCVS Survey is a yearly study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) of specific households to determine the level of criminal _____________ - particularly unreported victimization - in the US.

35. This is the problem of case __________. Research has shown that only about half of felony arrests result in convictions. The question is whether this is due to poor police work or some other reason.

36. The public perception of the police is of a distant and alienated law enforcement unit. Through community policing - police-community relations should ________ as the public have a greater stake and say in their problems and needs.

37. In US v. __________ (1950) - the US Supreme Court ruled that a warrantless search upon a lawful arrest was permitted as long as it was reasonable given the circumstances.

38. _________ policing took off in the 1980s and 1990s - with the realization that the police could not fight crime on their own.

39. Officers at the academy undergo _________ training and most academies also offer field training.

40. In the 1950s training for police officers consisted mainly of firearm skill development but over the years - classroom training has emphasized criminal __________.

41. There are over _____ sheriff's departments in the US.

42. Officers may feel that the rules are there to catch them out and that the system mistrusts them. This may encourage officers to work at a deliberately _____ pace.

43. One of the major problems facing patrol officers is high-speed pursuits is a high ________ rate.

44. August Vollmer believed that policing standards needed to be improved and corruption stamped out. He advocated training and __________ for officers.

45. Where offenders are not captured red-handed - an arrest _______ issued by an officer of the court is required to supply the legal foundation for the act of detention.

46. Generally - surveys have revealed that ________ people tend to be more dissatisfied with the police than older persons. Some youths seem to believe that the police target them simply because they are young and think that all teenagers are up to no go

47. Another word for uphold is _________. This is the result for most appellate court decisions whereby they confirm the decision of the lower court.

48. This is due to the dominance of the local political structure by ______ persons. Detroit has had a black mayor since 1973 and the police force is dominated by black persons. Thus - the black community can better relate with their local police

49. A critical function that the police play in society is crime __________ and this role is primarily executed through routine patrolling.

50. This is one of the reports produced by the FBI in its law _____________ role.