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DSST Personal Finance

Subjects : dsst, personal-finance, bvat
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1. Money or debts that you owe to others

2. The relationship between the costs of paying for workiers and the output that is recieved from their work

3. One who is paid

4. Sympathetic- 'empatheic listening' ability to see another person's point of view and sense what person is feeling; critical- ability to differentiate facts from opinion - and creative-listening with an open mind to new ideas

5. Goals you wish to accomplish in five to ten years or longer; college degree - marriage

6. A natural - physical - or mental ability that allows you to do certain tasks well

7. An account owned by two or more people.

8. A written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications

9. The amount of monthly or annual pay you will earn for your labour

10. A booklet used to record checking account transactions

11. Able to be set aside or to be revalidated at a later date

12. The person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else

13. The need to reach ones full potential - to grow - and to be creative

14. Goals you wish to accomplish in the next few months or years; graduation from highschool - or plans for summer employment

15. Professionally managed group in investments bought using a pool of money from many investors; used to buy stocks. bonds - and other securities

16. The difference between assets and liabilities

17. Costs that do change from month to month

18. A goal you expect to reach in a few days or weeks; a B on next weeks math test

19. The us of long term savings to earn a financial return

20. The spreading of risks across many types of investments

21. Occurs amoung co-workers of unequal rank

22. Interest computed only on amount borrowed without compounding

23. Allows you to write checks to make payments; also called a demand deposit

24. A summary of the income you earned during the year and all amounts the employer withheld for taxes

25. Those who are legally capable of entering into contracts.

26. Take away the legal force of or render ineffective

27. A group of people who work in the same or similar occupation organized for the benefit of all employees in these ocupations

28. The total amount you earn before any deducations are subtractions

29. (1993) allows employees to take p to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12 moth period for certain medical or family situations

30. A depositor's order to a bank to refuse payment on a check

31. A check containing certification that the person who issued the check has sufficient funds on deposit to cover payment

32. A statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem

33. The metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used

34. A type of savings account that offers a more competitive interest rate than a regular savings account

35. Money you save for things

36. Return address - letter address - body of the letter: attention - interest - desire - action

37. The tax paid on your taxable income

38. Intentionally writing a check on an account without sufficient funds in the hope of making a deposit before the check is cashed.

39. 1. forms of employee compensation in addition to pay 2. the amount recieved by the beneficiary from a life insurance policy also called proceeds

40. The process of matching your checkbook register with the bank statement

41. A face to face meeting with a potential employeer to discuss the job opening

42. (Cd) or a time deposit is a deposit that earns a fixed interest rate for a specific amount of time

43. Depositor to a checking account

44. 'full service banks' provide the widest variety banking services. insured by FDIC

45. Getting an interview - applying - interviewing - and following up

46. A form that asks questions of people that apply for a job; write neatly - black or blue pen;stay within space provided - fill in all blanks; be truthful; don't abbreviate; proofread

47. Costs that do not change from month to month

48. Job elements that increase job satisfaction

49. One who agrees to pay if the borrower fails to pay

50. Provides federal aid for the elderly and for disabled workers