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Elementary Math Vocab

Subjects : math, elementary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Make sure lines are 1/2 the measurement of the angle you are trying to create

2. 2 or more lines that cross at the same point.

3. The perpendicular bisector of the pre-image and the image

4. A line linking to points

5. Two non parallel lines that don't intersect

6. When a set of lines intersect in such a way that it creates two right angles and one 180* angle

7. A polygon with 8 sides

8. A quadrilateral with all four sides equal in length; 4 congruent sides

9. A quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides

10. 2 angles that add up to be 180*

11. Quadrilateral with the distinct pairs of equal adjacent sides; looks like a kite:)

12. Polygon with 5 sides

13. A figure that is formed by two rays sharing a common vertex

14. A pair of complementary angles that add up to 90 or supplementary to equal 180

15. polygon with 7 sides

16. Polygon with 6 sides

17. Remember that similar triangles have proportional corresponding sides create ratios and solves

18. An angle that measures smaller than 90*

19. Have a top point and bottom polygon - sides are triangles

20. one of the internal angles is greater than 180* only one angle can be 180* - no more.

21. Area= 1.2 b*h

22. Angle measures 90*

23. Tiling patterns - are repeating a shape in a pattern in order to completely fill a space. not all shapes will work - hexagons for example will - but octagons wont

24. Lines that lay on the same plane

25. 2pr= C

26. A set of two points that lay on a straight line => think of two buddies that are points on one line.

27. Quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite parallel sides Ex: rectangle - square - rhombus

28. Four sided polygon with congruent angles and sides

29. Area = pr2 (squared)

30. A shape that has one or more internal angles that are greater than 180*

31. Top and bottom are congruent polygons - sides are parallelograms - 1/3area of the base= volume

32. Two coplanar lines that do not intersect - and have the same slope. Are perpetually the same distance from one another.

33. A triangle with two sides with equal length and one that's not equal.

34. 4 sides polygon with all equal angles (90*)

35. A three sided figure that has internal angles of 90* or less.

36. A shape in which all internal angles are less than 180*

37. 4 coplanar line segments each connected to form a closed shape Ex: square - kite - rhombus - rectangle - trapezoid - parallelogram etc

38. Triangle that has three equal sides in length

39. Line segment connecting two non adjacent verities

40. A portion of a line that has a starting point and a direction

41. Make sure the parallel lines are 1/2 the distance you want reflected apart

42. Lines that intersect at single point

43. Pair of nonadjacent angles formed by the intersection of 2 lines.

44. This is when two shapes have the SAME angles - and proportional corresponding sides.

45. If you know the perimeter - you can create a range of what the area would be

46. Triangle with 3 different sides in length

47. Equal in size and shape

48. Cut something in half

49. A triangle with one angle that's greater than 90*

50. Circle