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Subject : geography
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1. Large - flat plain without trees in the arctic regions

2. A usually rounded natural elevation of land lower than a mountain

3. Line on mountain above which trees do not grow

4. A part of a body of water protected and deep enough to furnish anchorage; especially: one with port facilities

5. Pointed top of a hill or mountain

6. Growing plants

7. A shore of a body of water covered by sand - gravel or larger rock fragments

8. The line on a mountain above which there is snow the year around

9. Any land whose surface gradually rises in general direction

10. A point or extension of land jutting out into water as a peninsula

11. A deep or precipitous cleft: ravine; especially: one occupied by a torrent

12. A pit from which coal - minerals or precious stones are taken by digging

13. The land between hills or mountains - usually containing a stream

14. A level and rather narrow area of land with one steep edge bordering a river - a lake - or the sea

15. Loose material which forms the upper surface of the earth

16. An inlet of water (as from the sea)

17. The bank of a stream which lies on the left side as one goes with the current

18. A line joining the waterfalls on numerous rivers that marks the point where each river descends from the upland to the lowland and the limit of the navigability of the river

19. Series of rocks in a body of water - the tops of which are slightly beneath - or at - the surface

20. Moving ridge of water which rises and falls

21. A large floating mass of ice detached from a glacier

22. Island or reef that doesn't stick up very far above the water

23. An artificial waterway for navigation or for draining or irrigating land

24. Structure projecting into the water and used as a docking or loading place for ships

25. An inlet of the sea or other body of water usually smaller than a gulf

26. A large or small depression in the surface of the land or in the ocean floor

27. The average level of the surface of the ocean measured along a shoreline

28. A tropical or subtropical grassland containing scattered trees and drought-resistant undergrowth

29. An area of land covered with trees

30. A flat topped - rocky hill with steeply sloping sides

31. Supplies of materials founding nature - such as minerals - water or coal

32. Russian term for mid-latitude

33. The area from which a single stream or river and its tributaries drains all of the water

34. The bed where a natural stream of water runs

35. Area of land surrounded by water

36. A shallow submarine plane of varying width forming a border to a continent and typically ending in a comparatively steep slope to the deep ocean floor

37. A part of an ocean or sea extending into the land

38. A flow of moving water

39. A bay or recess in the surface of a sea - lake - or river

40. Fertile spot within a desert watered by underground springs or by irrigation

41. Wet - spongy ground; especially: a poor drained - usually acid area rich in accumulated plant material - frequently surrounding a body of open water - and having a characteristic flora

42. Area of open wasteland - often swampy

43. A high - steep bank

44. A barrier preventing the flow of water or of solid materials (as snow and ice)

45. Surface features of a region (hills - rivers - roads - etc.)

46. Creek

47. A creek - secondary water course or minor river that is tributary to another body of water

48. A water passage where the tide meets a river or current; especially; the arm of the sea of the lower end of a river

49. The meeting point of two streams - roads or railroads

50. A secluded hollow or small valley usually covered with trees or turf