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Geometric Properties

Subjects : math, geometry
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1. A polygon with congruent sides and angles.

2. share the same center

3. A quadrilateral having only one pair of parallel sides called bases

4. 6 sides

5. lines that are not in the same plan and to not intersect

6. A straight path of points that extends without end in both directions

7. the vertical axis

8. 1 right angle

9. A 2 dimensional flat surface that extends without end in all directions

10. 3 acute angles

11. An exact location in space

12. measures 180 degrees

13. sum of the measure of 2 angles is 180 degrees

14. A slide

15. 4 sides

16. A closed plane figure formed by line segments

17. sum of the measurement of 2 angles is 90 degrees

18. At least 2 congruent sides

19. A turn

20. A part of a line that begins at one point and extends without end in one direction

21. A parallelogram with opposite sides congruent and 4 right angles

22. A parallelogram with all sides congruent

23. measures greater than 180 degrees

24. No congruent sides

25. 12 sides

26. 7 sides

27. The theorem that states that the measures of the angles in a trianlge add up to 180 degrees.

28. line segments have the same length

29. the distance across a circle

30. lines in a plane that never intersect

31. measures greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

32. lines that intersect and form a right angle

33. lines that meet at a point

34. A regular polygon is repeated to fill a plane.

35. 8 sides

36. A flip

37. have sides of equal length

38. A rectangle having all sides congruent

39. measures less than 90 degrees

40. half of the diameter

41. 11 sides

42. A figure can be rotated less than 360 degrees around a central point and coincide with the original figure.

43. A quadrilateral having opposite sides parallel and congruent

44. where any 2 points meet on a circle

45. A part of a line between 2 end points

46. 3 congruent angles

47. 5 sides

48. 10 sides

49. 9 sides

50. have angles of equal measures